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Grizzly Booking Productions, in it to win it

Posted by XxCrashQueenxX on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM (PST)

GRIZZLY With so many production companies around, it’s hard to tell whose really in it for the music, and whose in it for the “fame” and “back stage glory” that comes along with creating one of these companies.

So, we here at Metal Riot, are here to set at least one production company aside from all the rest.

Grizzly Booking Productions is a Southern California based company ran by founders Donald Dominguez, Dan Dominguez ,Cari Castanos and their crew of amazing graphic designers, photographers, and others who make sure that everything behind the scenes goes smoothly to make sure that everything you see on the stage runs smoothly.

Grizzly B. P. specializes in punk, hardcore and metalcore, but branches out to the world of underground hip-hop and more.

Group6 Their mission as a company you ask? Simple.

“Through Music we define our art, and strongly believe in servicing the Local Entertainment Market. We are true fans of music first, hold true to who we are, where we came from, and where we are heading.”

 “The Vision: To Provide a High Quality of Live Entertainment. If it’s through Music, Photography, or as a Videographer, We want that community to arise with us and innovate a new way to see music in motion with the tools that are offered today. For the people, by the people.”

Here’s a closer view into the world of Grizzly Production:






Creating a Booking Company isn’t all play and “backstage glory” like I mentioned earlier. It takes lots of hard work, tons of emails, gathering of the right souls who are in it for the right reasons, and more patience to deal with the crazy music industry than most would imagine. We’re glad to see that there are still companies out there doing it right.


Grizzly Production has an upcoming event that they’d like you all to know about, for that click here.

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If you would like to get in contact and book a show with Grizzly Booking Productions email them at:






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