GWAR releases Dayglo Abortions cover “Isn’t This Disgusting”

Posted by Fireball13 on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 10:11 AM (PST)

Thrash metallers GWAR have released their Dayglo Abortions cover of “Isn’t This Disgusting” on itunes. This song is Cory Smoot’s last recording with GWAR. The single will appear on the upcoming Dayglo Abortions tribute compilation due out next year.

“Isn’t This Disgusting” was recorded by the late GWAR guitarist Cory Smoot (a.k.a. “Flattus Maximus”) at his Karma Productions studio in Virginia, mixed by Rob Shallcross (Strapping Young Lad, Zimmers Hole, Gene Hoglan). It is being released in memory of Cory Smoot. All proceeds will go toward the Smoot Family Fund.

Guitarist/vocalist The Cretin of Dayglo Abortions commented:

“This makes me feel like I have accomplished something with my life. It is a bigger compliment than any industry award or anything else I can think of. Bigger than recognition from peers. A pat on the back from the big boys. I believe proceeds from this go to Cory Smoot’s family fund. So shell out the buck 99, then e-mail me a copy, cuz I can’t afford it. Cheers to GWAR.”

In regards to the song, GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus stated:

“The Dayglo’s have always been one of my favorite bands ever since we played a show with them 25 years ago. So when we heard about this project we were completely stoked, not just with the idea, but the song selected for us. It pretty much sums up my whole attitude. But I had no idea it would the last time I worked with Cory Smoot in the studio. This track has Cory’s last studio leads, and as usual they fucking rip. Cory may have left us but his music will live forever. CRANK IT!”

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