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Hello, My Name is: EVERYBODY PANIC! – A Band Spotlight with Provo

Posted by NichTheHair on Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 9:40 PM (PST)

Greetings cretins. I offer up fresh meat for you today. Hailing from probably the bloodiest state ever, EVERYBODY PANIC! comes to us from the stained red earth of Oklahoma. Guitarist Provo (also of Skinlab) seems to have the first hand at inciting the PANIC!, but is quickly backed up by the remaining members to hammer out the rest of the track. Which there will be more of sans enslaving record contract. Currently, they are fresh off the heels of releasing their first self-produced single, When It All Burns. And it was free.

So, without further ado, I’ll direct your attention to the next page for some further insight on EVERYBODY PANIC! from their guitartist, Provo. 

When can we expect another song?

We have our second song written now. It’s called Because Of You. We’ve been slowly tracking all the parts and all we have left is to track vocals and mix/master it. We are really trying to push each song pretty hard. We still have plans for When It All Burns.

-PS : Download When It All Burns here.

Who handles song writing?

Everybody adds their own touch to everything, but a song typically starts with me and a drum machine. I’ll sit and work out most of the arrangements and guitar parts and get a song pretty close. I have a close friend and fellow guitar player, Lee Ivy, that comes down and will throw riffs around with me and help finalize the ideas. Once we have a pretty strong musical idea, I send it out to the rest of the band to start working on their parts. From there, Ty will start working out lyric and melody ideas. He’ll come in to the studio with a really solid start and from there, him and I start laying down his ideas and tweaking , if needed, any lyrics or melody/ harmony ideas. From there we end up with a really strong demo that we’ll sit and critique until we decide to track it for real. And that’s really where we start fine tuning drum and bass ideas.

What are some of the ideals or themes behind EVERYBODY PANIC!?

The theme is definitely for EVERYBODY to PANIC! With When It All Burns, I wrote the song musically not long after Rikets had fallen apart and it basically felt like everything I had worked so hard for over the last 5 or so years had been doused in gas and set ablaze. Then fast forward to Ty getting the song and while he’s working out ideas, his house actually does catch on fire. So in the end, I think that song was kind of our way of sifting through the ashes and and realizing that none of that shit truly mattered and the only thing that did matter was what we did from then forward.

How would you describe the band?

I consider us a really heavy rock band. We have some heavier music, but when it comes to vocals and song structures, we’re totally a rock band. We’re not really looking to be radio stars, but i think the potential is there to be one of the heavier rock bands on the radio if that path is ever explored.

Tell me a bit about the other members and their influences.

The rest of the guys are truly some of the best rock/ metal musicians in Oklahoma City and have all been in some of the biggest unsigned bands around here. They come from a rock background, but as much as TJ is a grunge rocker, he can murder the drums with the best metal players out there. Ty is also a Certified Gracie Jiu Jitsu instructor and has his own gym in the OKC area. So when hes not singing and rocking with us, he’s teaching people how to choke someone out! Gog is a nut!  His other project, Gog & Grubbs, is pure raunchy comedy rock and he also works on a lot of “Gog” art.

What do you guys want to accomplish?

Our whole plan is basically just to give away a bunch of music, videos, pictures or whatever for a year and just see what happens. For so long we’ve all been in the same band hustle of “we have to record an album, or get signed , or do this or that” so with this project, we’re trying to look at things differently. It’s no secret that the music business is screwed. Nobody buys CDs anymore and there is no Mtv. We’re just going to give away music and flood YouTube with videos. I’m not saying we would never sign a deal or record an album, but with all the tools we have in our own hands and all the shitty deals we’ve signed in the past, it would have to be something really special for us to even consider it.

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