Hellyeah cover Phil Collins and include some lost Dimebag

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 7:24 PM (PST)


Hellyeah get a lot of extra crap sometimes because they aren’t Pantera. Same thing happened to Damage Plan. The music was a bit different so the toughest guys had to bristle and some other people disliked that they had an inordinate amount of bro friendly party rock songs for awhile. Honestly, Chad sang depressing shit and about going psycho in Mudvayne forever so you can’t blame him for cutting loose on some beer drinkin’ style songs for a few Hellyeah records there.

Blood For Blood (read my well received interview from that record HERE) kind of rebirthed the band for the better , though. They finally found a sweet spot mining the past, their own identity and a promising future. It was big and accessible but still had more balls. I for one will always love hearing Vinnie Paul drum on anything. It could be a fuckin’ Youtube video of Bieber or even “Famous” (aka the worst Yeezy song) and put Vinnie on it like friggin Bonham from Texas and turn it up and I’ll bang my head.

Now Hellyeah are back with Unden!able, sure to put numerous other hard rock newbies in their place.

As Vinnie tells Rolling Stone:

“For a long time people were not willing to accept the fact that I’m not in Pantera anymore and Chad’s not in Mudvayne anymore. So when we played something and it sounded too much like Pantera, Mudvayne, we’d stop and go, “Nope, we can’t use that.” But now, we’re embracing our past and saying, “Who cares if that sounds a little like our other bands? That’s our sound. That’s what we created.”

Anyway, Hellyeah are back with a solid Phil Collins cover (there go my own plans to cover “No Son Of Mine”, thanks guys!!)…and it even features the late, great and much missed Dimebag Darrell. Check it out HERE.



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