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Help a scene brutha out: Small Stone Records Flood Relief

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 4:41 AM (PST)


Chances are if you like stoner rock, hard rock or great rock n roll, you own something Small Stone Records has released. From Acid King to Black Sleep Of Kali to Greenleaf to Wo Fat, there are many great moments in the label’s fuzzed out history. Now we can give them something back, and time is a factor.

Last week, debilitating storms dumped flood water throughout the Detroit area, including the offices of Small Stone Records. Gear and product were both destroyed and insurance is only going to go so far, so let’s come come together to help Scott Hamilton from Small Stone with some of the massive expense of cleaning up from this flood. Hamilton’s support for heavy music in the near two-decades that he’s run Small Stone has never wavered and this is a chance to help somebody who’s helped us by enriching our lives with great bands and great riffs.

 Donations are being taken through the middle of next month, but since it’s a water cleanup process and there’s the ever-present threat of mold, time’s a factor.

To help and donate click HERE.


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