High on Fire to release new album – De Vermis Mysteriis

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, February 24, 2012 at 11:01 AM (PST)

California doom metal band High on Fire will release their new album De Vermis Mysteriis on April 3, 2012. The album is named after a fictional book created by Robert Bloch and made famous by writer H.P. Lovecraft. It would appear that the lyrical content is similar to something you would read in an old pulp novel ranging from time travel to a “a Jesus twin who can see the past through his ancestors’ eyes.”

The album was recorded in Salem, MA at GodCity and was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. The album is High on Fire’s sixth studio album and a follow up to their 2010 effort Snakes for the Divine and will also be released on April 3rd via E1 Music.

When asked about the album frontman Matt Pike had this to say: “Prepare for your dark journey.

You can view the track list here.

The track listing for High On Fire’s De Vermis Mysteriis is as follows:

01. Serums of Liao

02. Bloody Knuckles

03. Fertile Green

04. Madness of an Architect

05. Interlude

06. Spiritual Rites

07. King of Days

08. De Vermis Mysteriis

09. Romulus and Remus

10. Warhorn

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