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Hold on to your butts: 1st ever Metal Riot Exclusive Premiere

Posted by NichTheHair on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 9:02 PM (PST)

Ladies, gentlemen, cretins of all ages, Metal Riot proudly presents our first and last after this über-fail exclusive song premiere!

That’s right, Metal Riot has aligned with Oklahoma’s EVERYBODY PANIC! to skyrocket your heart rate so fast, you’ll think you are about fourth and inches from your first bang fist fight. Indeed panic cretins, for Because Of You comes from a part of the country where the earth is stained red from all the blood shed upon it. It was baptized in blood, if you will. Guitarist Provo has a few words to say, so I’ll let him take over on the next page.

Click here to listen to and download Because Of You, as always with these guys, for FREE. 

PANIC! guitarist Provo had this to say about the newest release:

“It was a blast getting back in the studio to track our second song, Because Of You! It’s another high energy rocker that’s sure to cause more PANIC!”

[Audio:because-of-you.mp3, |titles=Because Of You |artists=EVERYBODY PANIC!]

Click here to download the song for free dollars and ninety-free cents.

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