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Hot Take: Being a closet Nazi or Confederate Flag apologist in metal is wack

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 12:55 PM (PST)


Being a closet Nazi does not make you a cool force of evil lurking in the shadows or whatever nonsense people tell themselves while listening to Skrewdriver alone and hating “weaker groups” but secretly wanting to be dominated by Terry Crews these days. Want a competing arena or marketplace of ideas and freedom? Fine. But many are simply too afraid to own their racist shit in public for fear of being ostracized by reasonable human beings. And yet you mock people closeted in the gay community or other  minorities who’ve feared for lives through history?

Some people praise Halford for being brave enough to come out in metal yet still help nurture conditions that make it hard to do so. Black metal has a massive problem with the cult of ambiguity. Black metal, for example, historically covets a sense of murky ambiguity often that can create occult or moral mystery or in actuality simply enable room for a lot of bs to go down.

Yes, it is easy on paper to agree with Trevor Noah when he says that Ann Coulter’s free speech must be protected, but when GOP groups, people with serious self-hate denial issues like Milo or goofy Proud Boy dorks are willingly going where they are overwhelmingly not wanted and the President is dog whistling Andrew Jackson enthusiasts because he is too much of a little slug to actually admit he is a racist piece of shit, there is a problem. The enabling of a larger platform at private institutions or elsewhere for controversy seeking scum who want to incite violence and then blame the oppressed groups for protesting is the epitome of gaslighting. It is generations of racism, white supremacist prison industrial complex prison for profit free labor crushing the spirits of black communities and then blaming them for their own unrest while simultaneously profiling and shooting them disproportionately. Go fuck yourself.


Why the “sjw” rant today? I was super fucking digging the new Nightbringer album and wrote it up recently. Today I read through rad mag Broken Amp that the band recently in Decibel cited Julius Evola as a big inspiration for Terra Damnata. Julius Evola was an esotericist and perhaps the band meant they admired his exploration of the occult, but they should really have fucking been specific when citing a self-avowed “super fascist” who felt rape and the domination of women was an acceptable part of occult ritual and who was a huge inspiration for Italian fascists. The fact that Evola is like the precursor to Kylo Ren and his imperial wanker fascist daddy issues seems pretty clear to me, even down to his expression on Wikipedia. Give me Grant Morrison over this fucking loser any day.

I am not saying every band in black metal needs to go around with a t shirt saying “I’m With Her” or that there is not room for different beliefs. I will say props to Phil Anselmo for at least having the awareness to apologize for anyone his “white power” drunken scream hurt and for not initially being defensive (though THIS is odd). That makes me a lot more inclined to believe dude than bands who can barely be bothered to apologize or give context for why they have songs on shitty label comps or who have past basement room cassette hits about gas chambers being rad.

Art doesn’t need to be explicit about intention and people can change over time. Many bands have sampled wartime speeches to inject terror into the mood without advocating for the policies of the sampled nation states or leaders.

I get that some people feel discourse of these topics also emboldens the far right. That signal boosting can lead more people to discover a fringe band and buy their crap. You still have to have discourse! It is also bullshit to say that MetalSucks, for instance, only write about issues to get clicks or that that is the motivation of any writer who dares to discuss social justice issues. Dimmu Borgir, for instance, get coverage on a lot of more liberal blogs because they distanced themselves from things they did in their youth more than the fact that they are on a big label who blogs don’t want to lose favor with. Over here at Metal Riot we don’t even sell ads, so you can bet your corpse painted tiny dick head that I am speaking my opinion clicks or no clicks.

I also agree that it is often effective to ghost trolls, such as the shite site and pig fuckers who attacked the well intentioned and awesome scribe Kim Kelly (who has helped a fuck ton of bands) recently who I shall not name.The site and a scumfuck Facebook page mocked her for a disability and liking some bands in the past some would find objectionable. Hey, we all have. The question is trying to grow and doing it in no uncertain terms or clarifying your intentions when confronted.

Nightbringer by Johnny Edward Photography

Back in the day a band like AC/DC would be called devil music and they could laugh and sell more records. Same with Sabbath. You could say Slayer worship Satan and K King would say yes and laugh and Araya would say he was a Catholic and laugh and it was all good. The reason a lot of black metal bands can’t is because some of them do have seriously fucked views and WILL lose fans and venues. At the same time, Antifa groups need to also be on their fucking A game more. You have to be really sloppy to get people to be AGAINST anti-Nazi protests! Throwing smoke bombs and shit at fans of a whole concert who might not even know some band that got booked that might be objectionable is not a good look.

Also at the same time, I am all about people over property and the French Revolution over allowing the Trump’s of the world to use Mara Lego Land for a personal emoluments fuckfest of inanity drooled on by mega schmucks who are actually corporate cucks like Hannity. I also think, as someone who is enby and bi and who is seeing Jeff Sessions and the DOJ and Trump’s cronies shit all over trans rights, black rights etc. that it is fair game to drag boastful Nazis into the street and feed them brick sandwiches. Maybe that is the same as fascism but it seems to me more like self-defense. Witch hunts are another thing entirely.

Woe, one of the most anti fascist and greatest bands in black metal currently, recently faced show closures overseas in protest to them sharing a bill with Inquisition. If Inquisition had been less defensive and more coherent about their past questionable choices when it came time to pay the piper, this ripple would not have spread that wide.

Chris from Woe is awesome and Woe a good follow up point saying that you can’t always preach to the converted on
concert bills. They said in (an excerpt from) a response to protests:

“If we were to only play to crowds who were squeaky clean, nothing would change, nobody would grow. Similarly, if you think that a band has committed such intense crimes that they should be barred from participating in the international scene, that is between you and the band, not your allies who choose a different approach to engagement. If we choose to participate in an event, it is because we are confident that it does not compromise who we are.”

It reminded me of Kim from Sonic Youth once saying how the band was needed in the Midwest more than at hipster and socially conscious NYC shows, years ago. That said, I also get why groups don’t want the
threat of normalizing groups with potentially hateful hidden ties and beliefs on a bill with other bands.


Say what you want about suckfest Trump supporters Five Finger Death Punch, they own their ignorant beliefs. Sadly, it hasn’t stopped them from being popular. The same with All That Remains, who I used to like. Labonte was on the Jasta podcast doing a crap job at damage control for yet another casual use of “faggot” recently in a Twitter flare up with OTEP and said how the left use “racist” so much it loses power. No. That is gas lighting. Calling racists racist does not make you racist.

Don’t get me wrong. I can see the funny irony in Megadeth being protested in Malaysia. Not so fun to be boycotted by people with religious views different than your own, huh Mustaine? Remember when Megadeth got Rotting Christ booted off a show, anyone?

Anyway, case in point. I love Obituary. I forgot one of the dudes in the band recently supported Trump’s wall, something I think is massively UnAmerican. White people are not more entitled to America, no matter what Richard Spencer says between punches and pixie sticks. Fucking Depeche Mode even owned that guy. GTFO. I am sure Spencer would not have been that successful leading the fray to take over land from Indian braves, no matter how much he wants to bathe in white privilege. Fucking dick splat.

Anyway, I recently interviewed Obituary for our site and the new S/T album was rad. Now I see Obituary have a new merch item with a fucking Confederate Flag on it for Redneck Stomp. Really? Fans argued amongst one another about it. Smart people begged the band to please not use it while idiots amongst Obituary fans accused people against racism of being racist, despite the institutional impossibility of that from an intersectional perspective, and said
that SJWS are all “whinners” now and no one cared for the last 150 years til we all became pussies now, or some shit. Sigh.

As one cool fan said:

‘You guys can be proud rednecks, southern culture can be very positive and fun…but the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of slavery and generational oppression and a war fought for all the wrong reasons.
Please, seek some other symbol.’

There is zero reason you need to put a Confederate Flag on shit. It is like the abysmal song “Rape Whistle” by Stuck Mojo. Is your desire to bro hop together (with some token internalized sexism ladies in the video) in the name of meninism more important than maybe instead focusing on the fact that rape is a hell of a lot worse than the less frequent issue of false claims of assault? Fuck that. That band is hot garbage to me now.

At least Stuck Mojo still own their opinions so people can choose not to buy it rather than being hidden racists like some black metal bands. That is slightly more admirable than Emmure releasing a t shirt  of a woman with a black eye and then saying it is about a junkie when there is blowback when nothing on the shirt indicates that. Or people saying the media are sensitive snowflakes while being completely toxic masculinity advocates themselves.

People shit on the AV CLUB Nazi problem article as uninformed but how many bands have made it easy to know
for sure? Mayhem never rolled back Hellhammer’s shite statements about dead gay people in Until The Light
Takes Us. That sucks cuz I fucking love Mayhem. Just man up, unless you really meant it in which case get

I felt someone up once years ago and scared them when I was super wasted. I don’t talk about it much for not wanting to upset the person more than my own reputation. I have been raped or assaulted myself by multiple
genders and it is traumatic, of course. Even discussing the topic a lot despite daily advocacy for victims often triggers me or gives me anxiety attacks on multiple fronts. Still, the circumstances surrounding what happened don’t take primacy over the result that I scared and scarred someone I cared about. All I can do is try to be the best person I can be, not be defensive. And to articulate in no uncertain terms how much I hate it.

I have been a feminist since I was booking Rock For Choice shows at age 15. When this bad, bad night happened my kids had just died and I drank most of a bottle of whiskey, a ton of absinthe and six beers all in one night and it was just after a vasectomy surgery that really unbalanced my hormones. Plus I was on a lot of over the counter Pseudoephedrine and testosterone. The person I felt up was nearby someone I had a consensual thing with many mornings where we would wake one another up w sex. It was dark and I was beyond trashed and trying to remember it is like being deep underwater. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck what happened or undo it, and I have to carry that burden, regardless if months earlier a different friend woke me up with a bj I didn’t want that really triggered me due to childhood shit and other repressed trauma and me being closeted as bi over thirty years. Regardless of any reasons that may have contributed to what happened, it doesn’t change things.

I didn’t drink for nearly three years not long after that and also have spent years at a time celibate since as well to try to not only control anxiety attacks and because people had cheated on me or I had a massively broken heart or a completely destroyed sense of self worth, but also for a type of self cleansing and penance. Regardless of intent, when shit goes wrong you have to own that. I binged on Christmas Eve this year missing my dead father and sad about mom’s dementia and I drank a whole bottle of vodka and wrote pathetic letters to various exes or people I care about that I barely remember writing. Still happened and was a hot mess. All my years of trying to advocate for victims in countless benefit shows and articles or doing the right thing doesn’t change times I lied to people when I was a junkie, for example or unscare that person whose boundaries I would never have crossed in normal circumstances.

I am not virtue signalling every time I have disclosed that kind of shit in my life. It is much easier to not do so and
to claim complete perfection. Or to blame bad mistakes on the fact that I am manic and have been suicidal off and on over the years, which is true. That is also bullshit though to not apologize to people or try to make ammends regardless.

I have seen American History X, back to the Nazi topic. There is redemption in life sometimes. But digging in and viewing all immigrants as bad doesn’t make it true, just as saying “all Trump supporters aren’t racist” doesn’t mean their votes are not complicit in enabling white supremacy and emboldening people to enact policy that destroys lives and enables kleptocracy.

I have no respect for bands or celebrities who can’t own their own hateful bad call choices or be objective or for people who have bullied others and never made amends or a band like Foxygen where the singer was physically abusive to his one time girlfriend Globelamp and allegedly silenced her in court but will not address it other than to paint her as a hysterical woman. And meanwhile Globelamp just gets tone policed as too hard to handle by other feminists. That is some bullshit.

I do listen to Dissection, even as a bisexual, since Jon at least felt bad enough that he killed himself. Plus, they fucking rock.


If you do wrong, apologize and try hard to make amends. I know I overly apologize like crazy to people whenever I have manic attacks I sometimes can’t even really control. So yeah, try and be objective to other experiences and freedom of speech is great but don’t allow darkness to win or biases to prevail. Shit, one friend said to me how he saw a fight once at a Juggalo gathering and the oft ridiculed subculture of clowns broke it up and self policed while chanting “family”. That is pretty fucking cool.

That said, punch Nazis if you must. I am super progressive but have read a lot of Terry Goodkind and being zen and pacifist is great until they kill your family or deport you for no good reason.

I write up gore metal on this site. I am fine with some bands that have art featuring violence against women if they generally have lyrics about killing anyone and show lots of other kind of dead people also. That is easier to accept than consistent pornogrind bands only writing about mutilating girls. Fuck that crap. That is rubbish.

I can take Type O’s “We Hate Everyone” a lot easier than the kill all the white people then we will be free song, for example. And I love Type O, but that song was bullshit. Yes, people need to co-exist but you can’t invalidate black anger to hundreds of years of entrenched systematic oppression. Watch the documentary 13th on Netflix NOW.

I interviewed Walls Of Jericho once and they have people of varied beliefs in the band. That is cool. I for one am not anti gun ownership but sure as fuck think we need regulations that don’t allow for mentally ill people to get guns as easy as clapping on a light in the famous clapper commercials. Who decides who is fit? Um, while I admit the government has often spied on citizens and big brother can be a real thing, I also trust doctors for psych evals more than your average Trump supporter or libertarian who is pro freedom until it means, say, allowing women the right to an abortion.

Anyway, enough “whinning”. Time to take my Paxil and you can all go back to chugging Bud and making no delineation between Kiss, Grand Belial’s Key and Bikini Kill. It’s all the same and all good, man. Right? Ughh.

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