Interview: Archer – Dylan Rose talks “Culling The Weak”, Mike Clink and more

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Megadeth fans are often torn between thrash leaning purists or those who can enjoy Risk, for example. It’s hard for bands to successfully tow the line between hard rock and more classic heavy metal elements but Archer from the West Coast are a great example of a band who manage to nail it. Great leads and riffs that’d make the snarlier side of Mustaine proud or stuff that could appeal to fans of anything from Accept to borderline Buckcherry with a much more classic heavy metal streak, Archer bring it all to the table. Their new release Culling The Weak is a great addition to the 2015 class of hard rock/metal hit list that already includes great stuff from Wildlights, Kinghitter and Royal Thunder as proof of a pulse in rock n roll leaning metal.

The trio have shared the stage with Hellyeah, Doro and other greats and held their own, as well as tapped legend Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Whitesnake, Joe Cocker, Megadeth, Sammy Hagar, etc.). The result is a lively record of new songs like “World Of One” or “Belief” that could stand up aside some of metal’s most beloved anthems. The title track is at REVOLVER right HERE.

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Dylan Rose stops by Metal Riot to give us the good word on Culling The Weak BELOW.

Have you been really excited for Metalville to release the new album or are you like ,”whenever it arrives”? haha, I think you probably are like “get it out there already!” It sounds like a lot of work went into it!


Very excited of course! It’s been a long process to make the album start to finish and position ourselves where we stand now but the end is finally here…. Although in our minds the release really marks another important beginning for the band. It’s time to release “Culling The Weak” and show the world what we’re about.

Do you prefer road or studio?
They both provide their own enjoyment and gratification and feed off each other in a way. The studio is where the creativity is harnessed into its final form and the sonic statement is captured. Without the art itself – the product, the music by which you wish to be represented – you’ve got nothing. But once you have that, you’ve got to portray the art visually and in real time to the audience. Touring and live performance – especially metal music – is such a visceral and intimate experience through which the band and fans connect. Nothing’s more powerful than the rush you get from those truly special shows.


How was it touring with Doro and Hellyeah on recent tours? Both are class acts with loads of great material. I was just blasting Stampede the other day and it is great pumping yourself up, while Doro always has the truest Queen metal power melody classic voice (nothing against Lita Ford, who I know is having a hard time right now and I’m not sure what to believe)… but yeah, Doro is a great natured person.


We had a blast with both tours this year. Our first reaction to touring with Hellyeah was from a fan perspective like anyone else – we were ecstatic about getting to share stages with Vinnie Paul! We grew up in love with Pantera so in that aspect it was definitely a dream come true. The whole band is full of great guys, they treated us with so much respect as the opening act, and the crowds were insane. Much the same can be said for Doro. Those guys are all wonderful musicians and fun to be around. Doro herself is incredibly kind and still so impressive on stage – Truly the Queen of Metal! We can’t wait to tour with them again at the end of this year, this time in Europe!


 Any songs this year you have drawn on in times of stress from your own album or another artist? I’m loving “Marrow” by 36 Crazyfists, emotionally deep tune.


For myself and many others, making and playing music stands as the ultimate cathartic release. So any stress or tension in my life can usually be worked out with a guitar. As far as other artists, I like to mellow out with bands like The Allman Brothers Band, Neil Young, The Band, Bob Dylan…. It puts my mind at ease and I love that stuff. I grew up hearing their music around the house since I can remember.


Can you explain the title Culling The Weak? Do you feel metal weeds out the true? I can’t believe Rockstar Mayhem tour is closing down. We need more big festivals like Europe.


Our new album Culling The Weak borrows its name from a song therein, and it really captures the overarching theme of the lyrics nicely. There are several songs on “Culling The Weak” that deal with the same topic from different angles: The idea of ‘weeding out the true’, as you put it. There are so many obstacles, so many trials a band must push through to progress and grow and chase their goals, as any long-standing band can surely attest. Some of these issues and growing pains end up resulting from associations or relationships that turn sour for whatever reason no matter what you do. Not everything is meant to be and you won’t get everything perfectly in place the first time you try to assemble the maddening puzzle that is the pursuit of a career in the music industry. You gotta own that fact. But “Culling The Weak” more specifically refers to those that have hindered you, held you back or torn you up inside along the way. They’ve left you high and dry or contributed negatively to the band with their behavior or by taking actions you didn’t foresee. It’s those people that drive you insane. You just wanna banish them from the face of the earth because they actually had the gall to stand in the way of your fucking dreams, man. I don’t have time to spare on weak-willed bullshit like that. It costs me dearly to endure that nonsense. So you see the conclusion here: They are weak and not worth entertaining… They deserve to be culled.


What is your favorite Annihilator era? August must be a crazy time to tour with them and get in trouble!


Honestly, once we got the tour confirmed with them to round out this year, I went back and re-visited a lot of the catalog. Of course we all like the early stuff but we just heard some of the brand new album that they’ll be supporting on the road with us and it kicked ass! Jeff Waters is just a great player and the real deal when it comes to having real roots in the thrash world.


I saw you are doing Ride For Dime! How does it feel to be a part of the annual great celebration? This keeps guitar music alive! What a great gift.


We’re very grateful to be a part of this year’s Ride For Dime event. There are so many cool components built into it – the motorcycle rally, the charity fundraising, all the killer bands, and most certainly the chance to honor one of our heroes in Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Throwing Archer’s name in the hat feels awesome because it’s for such a great cause and everyone is there for the love of heavy metal, to celebrate Dimebag’s amazing legacy, and contributing to something positive through the music. That’s hard to beat.


How was it working with the legendary Mike Clink. I’m envious.


Mike Clink is obviously a brilliant producer and now a wonderful friend to us. I can’t tell you how gratifying it was the make this album with him. You gain a sense of validation during the process when you realize that the guy who’s name you grew up reading in the credits of Guns & Roses and Megadeth records actually believes in your music and is willing to invest himself in your artistic vision. Even discussing it now lends me a sense of disbelief. He added his masterful touch and influenced the sound of this album in a way only he could, and it is so much better for it. Cheers Mike!


Any pre show rituals like a group prayer circle or fire a flaming arrow into the front row at fans or maybe all drink booze and the blood of the guilty?
In the early days, we’d have a specific song that we’d crank to 11 backstage to get us fired up right before rushing out there. The longest tenured tune by far was “Die Young” off of Black Sabbath’s masterpiece Heaven & Hell. It still sends me through the roof! Nowadays, we still huddle up behind all the gear onstage and lock in as a team while the intro music is playing. I’m big on the brotherhood, the shared experience and the camaraderie of the guys, and not just the 3 band members. So it’s usually both onstage techs and the band all bouncing around getting ready to go nuts. We’re all in this together!



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