Interview: Avenged Sevenfold guitarist reveals band almost broke up following The Rev’s death

Posted by Tommy on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 11:50 AM (PST)

Synyster Gates, guitarist for Southern California rockers Avenged Sevenfold, revealed in a recent interview that the band almost broke up following the death of their long-time, and founding, drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.

In the interview for “The Pulse Of Radio,” Syn says that it was their fans and Sullivan’s family that pulled them back from the brink. “We were just done. And because of the fans and Jimmy’s parents and relatives and stuff like that, they just demanded that we continue on and spread the legacy that is, you know, the crazy James ‘The Rev’ Sullivan. And we feel so good doing that and they completely expedited that process. They really got our ass in gear to get out and finish the record and bring it to life, you know.”

Syn also says, “One of (Sullivan’s) gifts in passing was definitely that we now appreciate everything a lot more than we did before and it’s really cool that we all came from childhood friends…to being in this band together.”

Check out their latest video, “So Far Away,” which is a raw and emotional tribute to The Rev.

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