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Photo by Ester Segarra

“I enjoy writing songs so much that even my shitty songs are meaningful and important to me.” – Trevor Church

I was going to go jogging today but actually ate so many chickpeas trying to re submerge into healthier dieting that I feel like I may puke. That could also be because I had a bunch of Prosecco with the chickpeas but anyway, to make a long story short I am instead lying in bed guilt listening to the first Carnivore record (remastered and expanded soon for a Metalville re-issue, incidentally).

Anyhow, a few weeks ago I was eternally cucked when I had to miss Beastmaker, Geezer and friggin’ Black Sabbath at Gramercy at the last minute. All I can do is wallow beneath the dripping head of a vaguely familiar looking demagogue that Kathy Griffin was waving around yesterday and pray that if I lap up some of the droplets of falling gore that my metal points will rise again like a health meter in some early 90’s side scrolling fighting game. But wait, the Gods of metal have intervened and today brings a chance to redeem myself by sharing with you the good news of Beastmaker’s crushing new opus Inside The Skull ! 

Songs like “Evil One” and “Now Howls The Beast” not only deliver everything a true metal fan could want in a song, but will also be sure to appease fans of the band’s cool earlier songs.

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“With all the rad things that have happened with us the past year we are just inspired to keep on writing music,” says vocalist and guitarist Trevor Church. “There was definitely a lot of weed smoking and horror movies being watched during the song writing process. We also wanted to create a different type of production on this one. Keep it old school but give it that modern mastering style. That was a major focus for us.”

Beastmaker made waves with Lusus Naturae and You Must Sin, as well as by being a Sabbath worshipping heavy band from California who weren’t just dressing the part and putting in minimal effort in the songwriting department. No, these boys absolutely slay. Any band that can do a tour with Blood Ceremony and not get their ass completely handed to them are worth keeping tabs on. And boy was it worth it because Inside The Skull is a punishing child of Sabotage-era Sabbath with a similar heavy bass tone fans of 13 may have grown to love. Now their star rises with this Zakk Sabbath opening slot. Trevor and I also have a common friend in Pat from Geezer who opened one show, and I ask him how it went.

“Touring with a guitar god like Zakk is just amazing,” Trevor says. “The whole band fucking rips man. Really enjoy the Zakk Sabbath Crew a lot. Great dudes. Geezer are great dudes. We all hung out and talked and what not. Fans can follow us on instagram and you can witness the funny moments for yourself. Just search for beastmakerband. Loads of antics. We’ve been bumping Alanis Morrisette…to impersonations.”

When pressed if he knew a few of Inside The Skull‘s choicer cuts were on point when crafting them, Trevor is humble.

“I never know when I’ve come up with a song that is potent,” he admits.  “I like to leave it to the listeners to tell me what they like. For me I enjoy writing songs so much that even my shitty songs are meaningful and important to me. I particularly love the chorus of “Psychic Visions”. “Her eyes are like a mirror”. I really like that. Like self reflection, man. You can see into the future and see the grim reality of your own mortality! It’s something wicked!”

I ask if Trevor gets tired of Sabbath comparisons as maybe a little too easy.

“For me to say being compared to Black Sabbath as a bad thing is blasphemy” he responds.  “I think for us it is a common ground of what is bad ass music. We obviously have some different influences that get kind of left in the dark. bands like Witchfinder General, Bedemon, Pentagram, Diamond Head, Danzig, Metallica, Megadeth all have their places in our music. So, I don’t mind this at all.”

I ask Trevor how it was working with mega talent photographer Ester Segarra, a not so secret weapon of the underground.

“The new shots were actually taken last year in London,” he recounts. “I think Europe just has the right look for our band. Ester is a great photographer. She is an excellent person as well. I’m hoping to work with her again upon our return to Europe.”

Rise Above Records is obviously a legendary modern label and has even in recent times put out major quality stuff from Purson, Uncle Acid and the incredible Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, to name a few. How has it felt for Beastmaker to be accepted into the fold and supported by a respected label like Rise Above and was this record challenging to make?

“Rise Above is the perfect fit for our band. I too am a big fan of the releases on the label,” Trevor says.  “Lee Dorrian is also a Tombs of the Blind Dead fan. They’ve been incredible to us. We love Rise Above! You know man, we had very little issues with this album. Lusus Naturae our debut was hard because we had never recorded a full length album on our own before. If I had to pick one song that definitely was harder to complete the mixing and mastering part I’d say “Sick Sick Demon”. Though we recorded everything pretty much in the same session. There were some troubling times trying to get it to sound as thick. Other than that this was like a natural
organic recording experience. Being able to work in your own studio is a really great thing. We don’t really care about going into expensive studios. As long as we are allowed to do our own recordings I don’t think we’d have it any other way. It makes for a really productive environment and keeps us learning.”

The band are in talks for another potential USA tour in September, so be sure to stay tuned and of course pick up Inside The Skull today!

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