Interview: Behemoth’s Nergal has low level of tolerance for tabloids, preparing for 20th anniversary

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Post bone marrow transplant, Adam “Nergal” Darski, frontman of death metal legend Behemoth, shares with us some insight into Poland’s paparazzi and what is in store for their upcoming twentieth anniversary in October. In August 2010, Negral was diagnosed with leukemia and received a successful bone marrow transplant the following December.

Behemoth‘s new DVD, “Evangelia Heretika,” has gone platinum in their home country of Poland. “Evangelia Heretika” was released through Nuclear Blast Records in Europe and Mystic Records in Poland this past Friday, November 5th, and is available in North America today, November 9th, through Metal Blade Records.

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Have you been able to play much music?

No, I didn’t even touch my guitar in that time. I actually started playing guitar two months ago. I just didn’t feel like it, man. When I grabbed my guitar for the first time, I was terrified. I thought guitar playing was like bike riding? Once you do it, you never forget it. I was surprised seeing it was exactly the opposite. The more time you spend without an instrument, the more you lose. So I had to start over again and stretch my fingers, learn certain sections and parts and leads. You have to start over again basically. It’s going to take me two or three months to get back into the same shape, but the point is to be a better musician in the end of the day. I really hope that for the first shows we have planned in October in Poland for later this year, I really hope I’ll be at least as good as I was before I got sick.

That’s great. You recently made an appearance at the Musicollective music school. How was that?

No, that was tabloid bullshit, man. Don’t take it seriously. They just picked it up and blew it up. I was with a friend of mine just jamming; we just played different stuff. No metal stuff. I just treated it as an exercise. And we just took some pictures, and he put it on the school’s Facebook. And then, the next day, the Polish tabloids were all over it, and they picked up the pictures, and I had these big tabloid magazines calling me up trying to buy these pictures. Obviously, I tell all of them to fuck off. I won’t be fucking flirting with this kind of media.

That’s terrible. How does it feel to be the subject of this kind of weird tabloid culture?

It’s not my life. It’s not me. It’s mostly lies and rumors and gossip. It’s kind of upsetting in a way. I was more into it when I was fully healthy. Like now, when I left hospital and I’m like, Eh, I don’t have the same energy yet. And I’m like weak and stuff. My level of tolerance is much lower to this bullshit.

This is Behemoth’s 20th anniversary, and I just wanted to know how that makes you feel.

Yes, we’re talking to Metal Blade, and Metal Blade’s probably going to be releasing an official biography in English worldwide. It’s going to be a book, with lots of pictures, 300 or 400 pictures. It should be finished in May, so we really hope that we’re going to meet the deadlines because October is exactly when the 20th anniversary is happening. What’s a better way to celebrate the anniversary than to release a biography? I don’t see any. Some bands would do new versions of their old songs, and stuff that was pretty much every fucking band does it. We’re going to do some shows here in Poland, but I’m most excited about the book. It’s super exciting and I can’t fucking wait to read it. I hope metalheads will want to read it—I know they’re all about listening to the music, but it would be cool to have something like this. It’s going to be authorized by the band, and it’s a lot of cool stuff that you’ve never read in the interviews. A lot of pictures, a lot of rare pictures. So just wait and see. It’s going to be awesome.

What do you have planned for your concerts in October?

Yeah, we just decided to play some so-called comeback shows in Poland just to warm up and see how we feel, just to be onstage again together. And I really hope that it’s going to turn out great and that it’s going to cause other tours and stuff. We have plans until the summer of next year. We already have some cool offers. We’re talking to our agents. There’s some really, really cool ideas. I don’t want to reveal anything yet, but once we’re done with October shows, and we feel good about it, and there’s chemistry onstage, we definitely want to continue the Evangelion touring cycle. There’s still some markets we didn’t even touch. We’ve done over 100 shows so far to Evangelion. We’re going to do another 100 at least, and then we can focus on the next record.

To be honest, we can’t wait to hit the stage again. I’m so fucking anxious. I’m so excited, so psyched about it. I have dreams about coming back onstage. I dream about Behemoth shows. It’s insane, I know, but I can’t tell you how much it’s a relief to the band and how much it means to us.

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