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I had the opportunity to catch up with bass player Jessie Sanchez of Bonded By Blood on Saturday the 12th at Earache Records 25th Anniversary Showcase presented by Scion AV in Pomona, CA. We discussed what the new year has in store for the men of Bonded By Blood along with their party plans for Ireland, and Jessie’s personal dream tour. To see what he had to say click here.

What do you have in store for 2013?

We got a few things lined up, we’re planning on releasing a record so we just started writing that. We also have a few tours that are in the works, we’re actually leaving this Wednesday for Europe and we haven’t been there in a while,  so that’s going to be cool, we’re going to be on tour with Vader and Aborted, and that should be awesome. We’ll see what else the year holds

New Year’s resolutions?

Oh man, I try not to make those anymore because I’m not very good at keeping them, but I guess to play more shows and make more music, and to try to keep going farther than we’ve gone before.

I know you guys are heading out to Europe, as you mentioned earlier, which upcoming tour dates are you most excited for?

So many spots, I’ve never toured across Europe, this is going to be my first time with the band doing that, I’m excited to check out Paris, even though I hear people try to steal your wallets over there, I hear that’s super popular over there. Looking forward to checking out the UK, even Berlin our first night on the tour I’ve been to Germany, but not to Berlin, so that’s going to be cool, I’ve heard a lot of good things about that city. Ireland is going to be cool, I heard we have a lot of drinking to do there, and I think our last day of the tour we have to go through New Amsterdam to catch our flight back home, so think we’re definitely going to have to wake up early that day *laughs*

What do you hope to accomplish as a band by the end of 2013?

Keep pushing ourselves, our last record that we wrote The Aftermath was my debut and Mauro’s debut in the band. There was a lot of new influences that went into that record, we took a big chance trying to open up to different styles, and this year we want to continue that attitude and do what we think is gonna sound the best, so just keep pushing ourselves and keep making good music.

You’ve played a lot of big shows and festivals, which one has been your favorite so far?

Holy FUCK! Damn! There’s been a lot of great shows, every time we’re in Pomona, which is where we are right now! We always have great shows, this is our hometown, the scene is just really great with us, going out to Mexico is always great—we have a lot of diehard fans out there, we’ve had so many great gigs across the states and in Canada, I’m sure when I die I’ll flash back to all these shows, and I’ll know then.

What makes Bonded By Blood different from any other band?

I think what makes us stand out is that we try to take chances and that we’re not afraid of doing something that old school BBB fans won’t take too kind too, especially with the last album, there was a lot of thrash influence but the fact that we tried new style stand out to a new crowd that came in because of that.

Describe your band with one of your own song titles:

Hmmmm….ummm….damn, this is a hard question, maybe “Feed The Beast” because we like eating a lot.

What is your favorite song to play live?

I love playing a lot of the old songs,  off of the new album “Shepherds of Rot”, I’m bummed that we didn’t get to play that tonight, because of the shorter set, but I love playing that song, “The Aftermath” is cool, love pumping that bass.

Favorite part of being in a band?

The traveling, I get to see the world, I don’t come from the most rich background and I know, personally, it’s something I wouldn’t be able to do if I wasn’t in a band, traveling isn’t easy, I’m lucky that I’ve met some really awesome people and I’m able to do this.

What do you guys do on your off time from the road?

We spend time with our family and friends while we’re in town, we get together and jam and write, we just hang out a lot, a lot of side projects, just to keep the creative juices flowing.

If you could put together your dream tour who would be on it?

My dream tour!?! GODDAMN, OH HELL NO!!! I would love to go on tour with Megadeth, Exodus, I’d love to tour with Rammstein, I know it’s not our style, but Rob Zombie, Anthrax, there’s sooo many good bands out there, whoever wants to tour with us, please give us a call, because we’d most likely love to do it! *laughs*

Jessie definitely is excited to head out on the road again and see the rest of the world, best wishes to all of the guys in Bonded By Blood as they fly out for Europe this Wednesday. The band was met with a huge crowd at the Glass House on Saturday—they’re taking over thrash scene was gig at a time.

Huge thanks to Scion AV, Jessie, and the Earache Records crew for setting up a fantastic evening.

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