Interview: Burning Crosses, sucking Ds and throwing shade w The Paramedic

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 12:14 PM (PST)


“I have my own ideals that I stick by and am not gonna be swayed by someone
telling me the Mongolian or white community is the superior race over everyone
because of this, this and this? I’m gonna tell you ,”so is my dick, bro.” –
Mike Luciano (vocals)

Metalinsider is one of my very favorite and consistently good metal sites out
there. They published a piece about how melodic metalcore band The Paramedic
have an ex drummer who is running for office with the “Traditional Worker’s
Party, which was created by a white supremacist that speaks out against Jewish

The Paramedic are a mixed race band and yet have also had controversy surround
them due to a t shirt perceived as violent against women and for a blog post
by vocalist Mike Luciano about Caitlyn Jenner that some took as anti-trans. I
am bi sexual and didn’t read the post as anti trans, rather that Mike felt
dubious of Jenner’s authenticity as a person in general. Some people are
concerned that because of the t shirt and the Caitlyn post that now with the
ex drummer’s party affiliation, perhaps The Paramedic are all really fucked up

I have been in an on and off feud with Coheed & Cambria for years and want
peace with them but also stand my ground because I was there when Claudio met
my very real sister Cambria at a Woodstock concert I booked years ago. I have
known the Coheed guys for years and we have a very fucking crazy history. My
sister was at times told degrading things over the years or I was also
bullied and shit on by their fans because they don’t understand why it still
angers me that Claudio Sanchez has never acknowledged she exists.

My dad just died and family and true stories are more important to me than ever. I have
been in this scene 20+ years both signed and unsigned and I feel everyone has
a right to be heard, myself included. Even if that means a huge band might
have to admit they have downplayed an often troubled relationship over the
years with a family that hasn’t always appreciated their actions. Shit, their
first drummer Nate Kelley is my best friend and STILL people are stubborn and
hold onto their illusions.

Having just this week been trolled on Metalsucks by a Coheed fan who compared me to
Justin Lowe’s pre-death rant in a derogatory and not “concerned for my mental health”
way, I know how ugly things can get and also how one sided or lacking media
coverage can be, inexplicably. I’m manic depressive but take Paxil.

I also remember how happy people were when The
Paramedic first arrived on the scene and reading about how they were really
connecting with fans in (i think) an old AMP Magazine article.

I reached out to vocalist Mike Luciano, who doesn’t know me. I’m not biased. I
wanted his side of things. I have written good and critical things about the
Paramedic before. I think Mike’s voice is one of the coolest things about the
band but that some of the songs have been meh compared to others.

I didn’t expect to hear back, honestly. Instead Mike took an hour out of his
day and was more of a straight talker than the majority of the thousands of
bands I have literally interviewed.

He wrote me: “I’ve never been one to attack anyone or any music mag of any type unless they are wrongfully publishing things. Naturally, much like anyone else, if I feel attacked im gonna push back twice as hard. As long as there is nothing like that going on during the interview I don’t see why this can’t be extremely productive for both of us!”

Then we talked on the phone. Read it BELOW.


Auburn, isn’t that near syracuse?

M: An hour or so out of Buffalo, I believe.

I have a weird feeling that there’s like the highest concentration of crows or
something weird and Stephen King about it. I recorded up there with this band
I Multiply once and I think they said it was like infested with birds.

M: Weird!

Why don’t we go down this checklist of things that could use some public
clarification. Can you tell me about the variety of fans your band has?
Gender? Ethnicity?

M: We have fans in all shapes, sizes and colors. It’s a veritable rainbow. An
actual rainbow of people that are huge fans of us. We have from 13-65. Short,
fat, skinny, tall. Plenty of different ethnicities and orientations. I have a
few transgender friends who love us.

Some of my best friends are Paramedic fans (laughing)

M: We’re not trying to go for a particular market. Fifteen year old hispanic
women. That’s all we’ll cater too. No, it’s for anyone who wants to listen.

Yeah, man. Your fan base proves there are a lot of types of people who are
obviously racists, y’know?

M: Oh God, yeah.

(laughing) I’m just kidding!About the fan base. Though that is true otherwise.

M: That’s so true! (laughing)

We can all unify about mutual hate. There was the Type O Negative song “We
Hate Everyone”. Still holds up.

M: Yep, that’s true.

I have mixed feelings today. I feel like it’s good we have discussions in social
media, but it’s so easy for things to flash flood out of control. People wil
choose one sentence and run with it. I’d like to ask you first about the
controversial T Shirt you had and then we’ll work up to your former drummer,
if that’s ok.

M: Yeah.

I know Zach Shaw, one of the guys at Metal Insider. He is one of the best guys
in the business. An awesome dude! Has worked with Andrew WK, who is obviously
a positive force. I was looking at Zach’s best of 2014 list today and one of
his favorite records was Body Count. They had the recent hit “Talk Shit…Get
Shot.” Obviously that’s not PC. I’m a big old school Ice-T fan. “Watch The Ice
Break”, great song on Home Invasion


Anyway, Ice had a song called “Bitches 2”, an old song and it said ,”So ladies
We ain’t just talkin’ bout you Cause some of you niggas is bitches too!”

I’m in…one of my current bands is with a girl named Elan, a duo. We’re
called #bitchwhip and we both happen to be bi-sexual. We thought it was funny
because it just offend everyone. We meant it in a Mindless Self Indulgence
way, where it isn’t abut gender.

M: I think that’s hillarious!

Anyone can be someone elses bitch!

M: Yeah.

Obviously your t shirt is aggressive. The one that says “bitch, say one more
word I’ll rip your fucking throat out.” At the same time, we do have freedom
of speech. Could you talk about that merch item?

M: That entire song was written abut an ex girlfriend. Would it be best to
bitchslap ex girlfriend because of how shitty she was? No. I’m not a violent
guy like that. I’d rather not resort to violence. I don’t want to keep it
locked inside either, all that anger. To get rid of that anger throguh
expression and music is better. If you don’t it can eat you alive. We started
writing that song and I was pissed off and hurt. I didn’t want to be stifled.
It turns out that was a line a lot of kids got behind. Let’s face facts.
Saying the word “fuck” and “bitch” is awesome. It feels great. It has a
powerful feeling. The younger generation, it makes them feel good. I don’t
know why that’s the case, but it is.

Look at N.W.A. who have amazing stuff that changed the world but also a song
like “One Less Bitch”. It’s very controversial towards women. Do I think that
means they all hate women? No. It could be a lot of things. Was that song very
productive for society? I admire you are owning your space. It’s important to
discuss anger. Punk rock should be a way of anger management.

M: It really is. That type of music will always have a place in my heart. Look
at it from Person A. could be talking about something really controversial but
am I going to judge them if I don’t know why they wrote the song?

Well, it gets tricky when you are making money off a merch item and someone
could say you are benefitting from spreading a maladaptive message. It gets
hypothetical though. Maybe it could make someone treat this guy or that girl
like shit, but at the same time it’s out of your hands. You just need to
decide if it’s worth it in the first place to make the shirt.

M: Oh yeah. At the end of the day when it comes down to merch sales it is
about who can get ahold of daddy’s credit card. I don’t put a gun to their
head. “If you don’t buy this t shirt with piss and fuck and bitch on it I’ll
punch you in the dick!” It’s not like that. We’re not forcing kids to buy into

That was like Ian Mackaye’s argument, in a way, with Urban Outfitters having
Minor Threat shirt. He said ,”if someone wants to pay $25 for one I think they
are dumb, but it’s their choice.” Or something close to that.

M: This type of music, this scene was about freedom of expression. Everything
we do in this genre stems back from the 80’s, the 90’s. You didn’t give a
shit. It was about not controlling and having expression. Feel a sense of
acceptance from people who felt arguably the same as you did.

Senses Fail/Attila right now, they’ve been at each other’s throats. I like
both bands for different reasons. I’m bi sexual. I think there should be more
debate. I related to what you said on your post recently about wishing more
Athiests and Christians could have a rational discussion. Instead of hatred.

M: Oh God, yeah.

I come from a historically religious family. Ministers back generations. I’m
not a Biblical literalist at ALL. But I believe in spirituality.

M: I’m a Christian.

You consider yourself one?

M: I’m a very avid, non-denominational Christian. I don’t attend church or
really read the Bible but my relationship with God is my relationship with

Which is awesome! I think that’s the healthiest way to be about it. Am I gonna
go to hell for liking science or questioning parts of the Bible that seem
really written by scared old men? People want social control.

M: “This is the word of God”! Yeah, let me hold you up right there a bit,
nigga. No, it’s not. It’s the word of God through man. Man is imperfect. Know
your facts.

At the same time I’m not attacking anyone who can get something out of the
Bible. There are many people who’ve been empowered or had their lives
beautifully changed by religion.

M: That’s the way it should be, but you have Christians out there that make me
look bad by saying ,” you don’t go to Church 6 days of the week and you’re not
gonna go to Heaven.” Shut up, dude!

(laughing) The way I look at it is, one of the things that always stuck with
me was spreading the “good word.” For me, Jesus was supposed to have hung out
with everyone. He listened to them. Accepted and helped them find a road to
inner peace. It’s like that great Marilyn Manson quote I respect so much where
Manson said that he would have “listened to” the Columbine killers. Cuz you’d
like to know why they are upset. I have friends struggling with heroin. At
times I’ve publically lashed out at people because I was upset they were
killing themselves (Note: Specifically Coheed & Cambria’s Josh Eppard and ex-
Bassist Mic Todd, over the years and to neither their nor my delight). I have
NOT always handled that well on a personal level. It’s really close to home.
But when I know someone is struggling I try to listen to them more and connect
with why they are feeling empty. It’s hard. Emotions get involved.

M: Oh yeah.

But if you listen, maybe people feel a little better. Maybe they’ll find the
strength. So I wanted to talk to you about what we were saying about punk
rock. I think it’s great Senses Fail told Attila some of the things they say
could hurt LGBTQ. Phil from All That Remains says “faggot” a lot also. There
needs to be discussion and not just ripping each other down.

M: Yeah. Exactly. I wish the music scene could go back to the way punk used to
be. Have those ideals in metal core, djent, deathcore. I want people to stop
being such overly offended pussies just because someone says faggot or nigga
or bitch. It doesn’t mean they are singlehandedly targeting one specific
gender type or race or orientation. The fact is that some of these words are
offensive but rock n roll was based on offending people.

Look at The Rolling Stones. “Under My Thumb” is misogonystic as fuck. But
everyone fuckin’ loves the Stones. I sure do.

M: God yeah. They have their own fuckin’ magazine.

(laughing) At the ame time, it’s obviously true that people have been
persecuted. Some words are lazy. And people hate the words nigger and faggot.
Other people have rape trauma and can have bad memories triggered. These are
very real issues. For example, if I were the Washington Redskins I would
change their name to The Arrows, where you don’t have to change the image of
the indian but the name is less charged with racially painful connotations for
a group, Native Americans, who this country has often wronged. It’s a very
tricky slope. I also believe people are complicated. You could be pro-women
and still say bitch sometimes. I never would’ve thought you automatically hate
women because you have a shirt that says “bitch”. Maybe I’m in minority there.

M: No, that’s a simple fact. We got targeted by AP the first time because of
that shirt. Meanwhile there are bands out there with shirts that say “I’ll
have your bitch use my cum as her toothpaste.”

Dude, I Declare War have wayyy more offensive shirts than you guys. (see HERE)

M: This is what you go after? Are you that fucking bored? What about cum
toothpaste guy over here?!!!

(both crack up)

M: I’m just being real! (chuckling)

That’s fucking hysterical, man. One thing I liked about your last record…you
were very honest about the human side of battling with drinking, right?

M: Oh yeah.

It is better to show flaws and a learning curve as a human being. I have
survivors guilt. I battled with heroin and had many friends die. People can be
really judgemental, but there are stages of grief, self loathing, empowering
yourself again. I admire you took time today to do this and try and have a
productive conversation without ducking hard questions.

M: Not at all.

Mind telling me a little bit about…people are gonna want to know your
thoughts about former drummer, Tony Hovater’s affiliations with what is
considered a racist organization. Tony said it is about pro nationalism for
all people, not about race. That organization has questionable ties and I’d
argue you can find a better organization to be pro nationalism. Do you want to
distance yourself from Tony being part of this?

M: With this situation…the only way I can put it is , I don’t talk to the
dude. The nigga isn’t in my band anymore. I don’t give a fuck what he does. If
he wants to join a zombie unicorn rainbow foundation, I don’t give two fucks.

That sounds more fun anyway.

M: Yeah. The fact we’re brought into this is a load of horseshit. We’re just
trying to tour and write music people love. Still, we get people coming back
on us talking shit. I get it. It’s click bait. You want someone to read your
shit but c’mon, man.

I wanted to talk to you because something like this could destroy your life and career.

M: Have some integrity for the artists trying to make it out there. It’s not
fair to artists trying to make a career. You got our former drummer joining a
white supremacist, nationalist movement. Ok. Fuckin’ do you. I don’t care.
He’s not influencing my writing or life. He has no affiliation other than that
he was in it for a year and one music video. Big fuckin’ whoop.

Does it hurt your feelings that he’d associate with this group?

M: Not at all. He’s gonna do whatever he wants to do. He’s a different race
than me but who am I to tell him what he can and can’t do? There are many
situations where people from many races have pissed me off. White, black,
asian, hispanic. If you piss me off, I’m gonna be pissed off. I don’t care
what your color is. At the end of the day you shit brown just like I do.

So you are saying obviously not to accept racism but to at least have
discussion? Or am I putting words in your mouth?

M: If people want to be racists it won’t hurt me. Because you are saying
whites are better or asian lives matter or whatever the Twitter trend is at
this point in time. Movements matter, sure, but I also have my own ideals
that I stick by and am not gonna be swayed by someone telling me the Mongolian
or white community is the superior race over everyone because of this, this
and this? I’m gonna tell you ,”so is my dick, bro.”


M: If someone is gonna be racist towards me, I will till fall asleep so hard
that night and I will dream like a damn baby. You’re not gonna stop me, dude.

(laughing) You have to let it be water off your back sometimes. I’ve had a
longtime feud with the Coheed guys over my sister’s name and other worse
personal problems we’ve had over years. Sometimes I’ve been an angry asshole.
I’m not gonna hate their fan base or friends who only care about one side of
the story. I’m going to be more upset with the media. At the same time, I have
to try and not lose my temper and attack dudes. Sometimes you are right and
wrong. Best thing is to try and heal. But I never apologize for speaking my
truth and standing my ground. “This hurt my feelings.” Debate is supposed to
be central to this music, not blind acceptance.

M: Yeah.

I will play devil’s advocate. Because of your ex-drummer’s association with
you, your band name is going to come up. But because of the Jenner thing and
the t shirt people are confused and think maybe there is a hatred trend in the
band. Are you mulatto?

M: (chuckling) No, I get the question a lot. I still laugh. I’m Puerto Rican
and Italian.

Cool. Like Claudio (laughing)!

M: Yeah! (laughing) I’m basically black! Black enough (joking).

I wasn’t sure because of your skin tone. I’d rather have the awkward moment
though and find out.

M: A lot of people perceive me as a black guy. Recently the way I’ve been
dressing doesn’t help. Gold chains. Expensive watch. Long shirts. High tops.

On that note of dressing the way you choose…we were talking before I started
recording about how people will take one section of a thread and blow it up. I
have read what you wrote about Caitlyn Jenner. I wrote you earlier today and
said that I think if anyone actually gets surgery or transitions that it
really affects their life and is probably authentic. There is an amount of
bravery. But let’s ALSO not pretend the Kardashians have not often been all
about money. I don’t blame you for being skeptical.

M: Oh yeah. I have no problem with you recording this. The Jenners and
Kardashians are known for one thing as portrayed by the media today. This is
my opnion and if someone wants to disagree, good. Nine times out of ten you’re
not gonna sway me. They are known for being whores. It’s what their job is.
Suck dick of whoever the biggest basketball player of the time to keep
themselves relevant in a dying culture of their own creation. I know Kim from
her sex tape.

Thats good copy. Thanks (laughing).

M: That’s what they’re known for.

I got some respect for her for speaking out against being body shamed during
her pregnancy. I think she had some very valid points. At the same time I
don’t think sex is always wrong or unnatural at all. But please impress me
with more than that.

M: Yeah. Ok, I get it. You have a big ass.

From where I am sitting the best thing she has done is inspire Seth Rogen to
make that video parodying her and Kanye.


M: That was amazing! (laughing) I’m surprised more people haven’t shown more
appreciation for it. That was beautiful.

Is there anything you’d like to say to people confused by this? I know the
internet can get really ugly. Rumors start. Plus, I wanna hurry up and finish
this article so we can go get that surgery Marilyn Manson got. Remove a rib or
two so we can suck our own dicks. You down?

M: Yeah! For sure! That’s what I’ve been looking forward to this entire tour.
I get it. I was hoping that was where this conversation is going.

Yeah, it’s hard for me to meet people (laughing). So I need these false
pretense interviews.

M: (laughing) Beautiful.

I just prey on young metalcore bands and try and make them gayer.

M: For sure! I mean, duh?! It’s a great idea.

(both cracking up)

M: Why wouldn’t that be your job?!

Is there anything you want to say to people? There are a lot of bands. People
might not want to wear your shirt or support the band if they are unsure of
the truth. Maybe they are secret assholes! Then you have fake straight edge
bands doing Jager bombs or Christian bands fucking groupies in the ass on the
bus while deploring sodomy. Then kick them out in the middle of Idaho.

M: I think a lot of band guys get shit. All the blame is put on them. I think
it’s horseshit. Let’s talk sex. Many girls say they were raped. I’m not saying
rape didn’t happen. But the last time I checked if you’re drunk and willingly
go onto a bus and a guy pulls out his dick and says ,” suck it please” and you
say “OK” – that’s not rape.

If you give consent, sure. But also people can be blacked out. There are

M: If you pull Bill Cosby shit you’re an asshole/scumbag. Straight up. If you
are drunk and didn’t mean to do something but charge a guy with rape, sit and
spin on a spiked cock.

People also however…it can be hard if someone is ashamed of an outcome to
see or admit what they may have contributed to a situation. Which is NOT me in
anyway saying you shouldn’t wear short skirts and be allowed to wear what you

M: That’s fine. If I wear only a speedo I also can’t say don’t start looking
at my penis.

You can control your image and it can mean what it means to you, but you can’t
control how others see you.

M: Exactly.

There are obviously dudes who only care about getting some random ass and are
going to objectify people. Even if you are wearing a full on body trash bag.

M: Yeah. Totally.

I write from a feminist viewpoint. It’s hard for girls out there, man.

M: Absolutely. What have we done to society to over sexualize it? We have Teen
Mom. Twerking is number one. Sixteen and Pregnant. It’s the biggest sensation
since the jitterbug to twerk. The modern world is jamming it down our throats.

We’re over stimulated and have a.d.d. to boot. I get that. At the same time, I
interviewed Christian Death once and Valor from that band had a great point
about how sex is still a frontier of censorship. He was all for Brittany
Spears being allowed to do whatever. It’s one way to still piss people off!

M: Oh fuck yeah! I think it’s fucking hillarious. I think it’s hillarious
because nine times out of ten they are pissed for the wrong reasons. I think
there should be a healthier view of sex. We’re in a generation where
everything is over sexualized. Half my high school class is marrie and have
babies now and I’m thinking ,”Fuck, did I miss the boat?”

Dude…I’m 37 and just recently got a vasectomy. Do whatever you want. It’s
hard to stay on tour (laughing)!

M: Fuckin’ A right!

It’s hard, man!

M: Fuckin’ hell yeah, right.

Maybe people can start buying records again so I can stop being seen as a
loose cannon for staying in rock n roll and being broke. Like, I decided to be
a musician and writer. You get encouraged your whole god damn life at
something growing up. I was first chair trombone at one point. But try and
make art for a living or music and people call you crazy. Thanks, guys. Thanks
for the fucking accolades that made me think I had a chance like a doctor or
fucking scientist (laughing).

M: It’s horse shit. Follow your dreams, but make sure you go to college and do
exactly what we want you to do!

Yeah! Like…fuck you, everyone! (laughing) I know you have worked hard and
made sacrifices.

M: I’ve missed out on paid family vacations to go on a shitty tour where
someone has talked shit to me. I’m human. My feelings get hurt like everybody
elses. It sucks when you have so much passion and heart for something that it
helps you breathe and live and be who you are.

That’s part of why I hate feeling written out’ve scene history by Coheed just
because we’ve fought a lot. It’s not the full truth.

M: You see people not give a fuck ONLY because you are not as big as band A or
vocalist B or band C.

Oh yeah! Plus, how ironic is it especially in 2015 where as soon as you have a
record label people take you seriously. But you couldve been in scene forever
in however many bands and until you have Razor & Tie backing you or some
company, it is seen as not as valid? Really? (That’s like saying public opinion
isn’t valid unless backed by Sony. It’s gross as fuck to me.)

M: We’ve done it to ourselves. That’s something we can only blame ourselves
for. I’ve heard amazing bands who haven’t gotten an ounce of recognition.
There’s a band I mentioned in the Caitlyn Jenner thing that has now become
infamous. A small blurb out of it.

I am pro trans and have interviewed one of my biggest heroes Mina Caputo from
Life of Agony, someone whose music saved my life in a literal sense. (Note: I
listened to an LOA tape of River Runs Red once in a psych ward I was in in
2002 on suicide watch , ironically where I was wearing a Coheed hoodie the
whole time since we were still friendly then). I still understood how you
meant it. Nothing againt trans people but Cailtyn seemed fake to you.

M: Yeah! That person seems fake to me! You are in the spotlight. That’s fine.
But you want to do it now at 57? Sure. But it happens right when no one is
giving a shit about your family or reality show? That seems suspicious, nigga.

I also get it. I was closeted as bi for years and ended up coming out in a
fuckin’ Otep interview!

M: (laughing)

That could seem pre-meditated as fuck to some people or disingenuous but it’s
just how it happened and it was beautiful! It was crazy. There was a lot of
people talking about gay marriage taking steam. I am more into women but I
have the other side to me and I wanted to adress it and be in solidarity with
my full beliefs and the full human being that I am. Equality.

M: There’s nothing wrong with that. It makes the human race fucking awesome.
If that’s who Caitlyn or someone wants to be, then go for it. No one is
stopping you. It’s between them and their higher power. That’s true shit.

Let’s talk about unsigned artists more.

M: Sure, there are local bands on tours. Bands who get no credit but are
awesome and unsigned. There was a band called Rena Surrenders who we saw in CT
one time. They were the most emo depressing shit and it was awesome!!! Why
don’t we play this anymore?! I get the industry is waterlogged by bands that
only want breakdowns and to say fuck. It’ cool. Whatever. But if you mean to
tell me that you don’t miss the height of Taking Back Sunday and The Used and
God bless their beloved souls…Brand New…


M: …if you don’t miss that, then fuck you. And I don’t just want to hear
about “I love this girl.” I want to hear weiner and fart jokes! That’s cool.

I know you’ve inspired a lot of fans. You took some shit tours but you also
connected to kids.

M: God yeah. That makes it worth it. This tour we’re on right now is awesome.
I love the guys in It Lies Within and The Bad Chapter. It’s been a refreshing
experience. The biggest goals? You have business and personal goal. My job is
to sell records and shirts. My personal goal is to talk to these kids. If you
have anything you want to talk to me about, please talk to me. If you saw us
say shit on Facebook that has got you heated and your panties are in a tussle?
Talk to me. I know I can be blunt but at the end of the day I want to talk
about it. What inspires you? I want to know the stories of these kids.

We’re human. We all have times we are more articulate. I know for a fact there
have been times I was a drunk ass punk kid and yelled stupid ignorant shit out
a window and saw someone offended by it and though, “oh, actually I maybe
shouldn’t have said that.”

M: We’ve all done stupid shit drunk. Yelling about hookers.

God, I ran out of a bar once, The Basement in Kingston, NY. It is so
embarassing but I’ll throw it in. I puked into the street. One of the worst
things that ever happened. I was hammered and had to heave. I had beer first
then jager shots or something.

M: Mmmmmm….

I have two and a half years off booze. I just smoke pot now.

M: (laughing)

I run out of this club and fucking hork right into the road as a mini van goes
by driven by a mom with four little black kids in the back. It splattered on
the van. I saw the horror on her face of this tattooed bald white guy running
out of a club and projectile puking on her passing van. My friend Bobby
Benjamin was laughing and I was like ,” dude, shut up. I am so going to Hell

M: (laughing) It is punk as fuck. It’s bad for the kids but punk as fuck. Just
run it through the car wash.

God laughed at me that day (laughing). I gave them a thicker skin for the
cruel world (laughing). Can we talk about how some magazines are driven by ad
sales and will push to have Falling In Reverse on the cover? Labels throw
money at magazines.

M: We’re a generation driven by money and sex and aspects punk never was
about. It’s ok to make money but it was mainly about expression and
acceptance. AP and Substream claim to be about music but they are tossing fire
at bands. You need click bait on a slow day. You want to talk shit? Suck my
chest nuts! You wanna say you are all about the music? Take your shitty
magazine and interview me the right way!

Do you think it’s fair people drew these conclusions about your band?

M: Look at the Johnny Craig thing with Slaves on Warped Tour. I was not there.
I know Johnny has a bad track record. I wasn’t there though. I don’t know what
happened. I’m not gonna assume he is a rapist. I wasn’t there. But I know if
Johnny could take a minute and get his head out’ve his ass and talk to fans,
put his own word in there…maybe he could deal with the backlash. Bands and
artists miss out on communication.

(That’s my MAIN beef with Coheed. They have often done damage control by
ignoring complaints about my sister’s name. Show people you are brave! Why am
I an asshole for singlehandedly adressing a band with so many fans!? I’m an
asshole for my temper sometimes, that’s it! I have loads of credibility in
this industry. Don’t have your friends like Josh Eppard’s right hand man/pal
Diry Ern and Coheed fans paint me as an industry outsider, when I’ve tried to
fucking help them stay alive or promoted your music for years in a positive
way more often then not.) People attack motivations but I want to heal. Many
people do. I just did a piece for a feminist blog on Amanda Daniels, the ex
Enabler bassist who says her ex bf Jeff from that band raped her.

Read the Amanda Daniels support piece I wrote for The Flounce HERE.

She got a ton of shade thrown at her by pigs and trolls online saying fuck
her, she’s lying, she’s hot though. Ugly, ugly stuff. She’s a really brave and
considerate woman. I wrote a piece saying that ANYONE has a right to have
their side considered and I firmly believe that is true. Especially if there
is a chance they WERE violated or wronged. (It was a great piece and we had
people like Yasmine from Tearist, Liv from Sister Sin or Kelley Deal from The
Breeders offer supporting words).

M: I can be an intense guy to talk to. People should talk to each other. My
biggest problem is I think way too much. The night of the Caitlyn thing I
decided to put my thoughts down and see what happens. I was up all night. I
thought I’d get a few comments, whatever. A few hahas. It blew up in my face.
I got shit on by a shitty magazine because they have nothing to write about.
You want to demonize me without making sure you understand my actual opinion?

Trans rights is a huge issue, as it should be. People ware going to want to
know for sure what you think. Clarification.

M: A lot of people thought I was transphobic and misogynistic. Homophobic.
Please. I just wanted to tell them all to choke on a dick.

Of your own choosing.

M: Exactly. I’m not any kind of phobic. Choke on my dick. Someone elses.
His/her dick. Whatever.

I appreciate you didn’t duck out of this today. I had a Cattle Decapitation
interview fall through but this certainly makes up for it in the meantime. You
and I spoke earlier today about how I admire how the singer of For Today ,
when they had a band member act homophobic, took the time out to tell fans
they could talk to him if they were hurt by that. I told him in person at a
Poughkeepsie show that he gained my respect for that. Anything else you want
to tell fans?

M: It’s ALL about communication. Just because you are in a band doesn’t mean
you are above talking to someone on a personal level. Whenever I have time I
try and answer fan messages. If there are any fans who have questions, qualms
and quarrels regarding my band, statements or personal views let’s talk. But
let’s keep it PG-13 just like I try to do.


Exactly. Like Josh Eppard has a song “Joshua, They’re Laughing At You” about
being made fun of or stabbed in back by friends but his band can’t handle that I resent how my sister felt
when fans called her a liar or slut at times over the years a when she said
her name was Cambria and we all grew up together? Are you fucking kidding me?!
It’s hypocritical. This is my personal shit, and this interview is mainly
about your stuff right now…but I own my mistakes and substance abuse and
want peace. But this is family. If someone feels uncomfortable with something
you have to try and meet in a place of respect. People lose temper and
resentment explodes but we have to try.

M: I can see that wholeheartedly. As long as people are willing to
communicate and talk there is a chance. Not be at each other’s throats and
willing to see each other’s side. No one HAS to agree with me. But as long as
can see my direction and try to see why I am coming from that place, that’s
all I ask. They don’t HAVE to agree with a single fucking thing I say.


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