Interview: Caelestis – kind of blue Naples prog rock with accute “Telesthesia”

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  1. the supposed perception of distant occurrences or objects otherwise than by the recognized senses.


Everyone is still buggin’ on the cool intro to Beneath the Buried and Me’s “Dim Ignition”, but I’m just as stoked about Telesthesia from Italy’s Caelestis. The young band are adept at painting a moving sonic landscape that makes you forget you’re listening to music, so engrossing is the overall feeling and sound as a whole.

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Hello! How are you today? Welcome to Metal Riot land! For those who are new to Caelestis, how did this band form?

Cataldo: Caelestis was born as my personal project in the early 2010. Vera used to sing in a local cover band and I got to know her, so in 2012 she’s been a guest vocalist on my song “Dove La Luce”. Everybody loved her voice, and I did as well. I didn’t see a single reason why I shouldn’t have worked with her since then. And so I did. We changed line-up many times, but we never found the same passion that I and Vera put in the Caelestis project (except for Piero, Piero is awesome).

Vera: … I agree about Piero. He’s been our key player for a while, beyond being our friend of course, and he was the only one able to support and follow our dreams and creations with the same interest and passion we have got. I thank Cataldo for his kind words when we get to talk about the band’s evolution though, as they’re always a pleasure to read and hear and speak about an esteem and a feeling which is totally reciprocal. I always like saying that we’re the perfect “artistic match”; as we’re totally on the same wavelength when it comes to understand and complete each other ideas, feelings and perceptions to createour music … by the way, a blue hello to all you Metal Riot souls, we are fine and hope you are too!

Your music, as in “Ode Al Mare”, for just one example…it is often quite beautiful. There is such a vibrant array of life energy in every song. It reminds me of how Mars Volta or even a band like The Police (especiallythe drumming adding such an important role) were unafraid to go places.

Cataldo: Thank you so much for your kind words. We are really fond of progressive and emotional music, so… why shouldn’t we mix them? We try to make the music we would love to listen to. Even though, we arestruggling to achieve a better sound. Something even more personal that, at the same time, could appeal a wider audience.

Vera: the hardest part about creating true, captivating, good music is shaping your inner worlds in a form which can be understood and made personal by everyone. I think this is the most difficult process a musician so as any other artist who wants to communicate to as many people as possible – as we’re actually communicators – has to go through. So we’re mainly working on this now: creating our sound, our music, our “thing” as natural as it is but learning to tell about it in a way that everyone can get and then keep inside and make theirs.

When did you realize the visual side of the band was also very important to you? From art to band photos I was pulled in by Caelestis’ attention to detail.

Cataldo: I am a professional graphic designer and a communication student. My main job deeply influences me in everything I do, and I know that visual communication is much faster than words or music, and can immediately draw people’s attention. If people like what they see, they will immediately know that the product they are going to listen to is high-quality music. I personally create all the art and the graphic projects behind Caelestis, also because I believe that an external artist could not catch the essence of our music as I would instead.

Vera: next to this there’s also a special care we dedicate to our personal image. We made a great improvement along the last months defining what’s the core of our music themes, what the audience has to immediately perceive looking at us and possibly being surprised by it… that’s to say, it’s important to BE, to visually represent our art and to impress the audience with it since the very first contact. We want people to remind us in a positive way along with our music and for this reason we decided to push on our “blue obsession” – as colorful representation of our ideas about life and human soul – and on the deep, ancient connections between the human core and the nature we mainly talk about, leading us to wear totally blue, elegant and someway etheral clothes together with our by the time classical blue make-up.We hope and think it’s working, we’re the “two odd blue ones” by now, haha.

Do you mind if I ask your ages? It is not something I usually focus on but this is such a mature sounding and rewarding listen.

Cataldo: Thank you again. I am happy that you find our sound rewarding. We really struggled to achieve the best sound we could. I am 24 by the way.

Vera: I am so grateful and happy about all this positive feedback we’re receiving by you, thanks a lot! I’m actually very young I guess and I still have much to learn, also because I believe you never stop learning in life: I’m 20.

Cataldo: I believe that if music has a soul, it transcends words, as well as everything. It’s like receiving a hug,language doesn’t matter: you are going to feel the warmth anyway. Love is the universal answer to everything, and we hope and try to bring love to our listeners with our music. Anyway, we are really active on our Social pages, especially the Facebook one, and we often post translations of our lyrics to reward our listeners.

Vera: it’s the form we’re working about, which doesn’t mean the actual lyrics’s language as music itself is a universal language, like also Cataldo says. We’re anyway very open-minded also on this front: I’m a linguistic and cultural mediation student and I speak several languages – not mentioning that I’m trying/I’d really like to learn others!, so I have much fun when it comes to sing in a foreign language (I sang a verse in French in our single Spyglass and a refrain in German featuring a track of the masked rapper/guitarist Red Sky… what’s coming next? Haha)

It seems like “Spyglass” with French metal act Archenterum just came out. Are you the kind of band who likes to stay busy or is it just the non stop creative flow?

Cataldo: I and Vera are constantly creating, as we give life to new ideas almost daily. We are struggling to keep the band alive while managing our main job/study sessions, but this doesn’t keep us from dreaming. As I said before, love is the answer to everything, and I don’t see a single valid reason not to “use” my life to bring it to as many people as possible. We will continue making more and more new music, until one day we will make it to the top.


What is the environment like for concert opportunities in your country? I feel like there is a deep love of rock among Italians. You see it in the success of Lacuna Coil and Mastercastle.

Cataldo: To tell the truth, the rock and metal scene here in Italy is kind of sad. Pop and Rap own the TV and the radio, and rock musicians are not really kind to each other. Musicians rarely get paid unless they are an important group, and big shows are not a thing that you see every day. This is why we plan to evolve our style to something that transcends the definitions of "rock" and "pop", to create a mix of genres that should appeal bigger masses.

Vera: anyway, it’s important to me to remind whatever is possible that the underground scene also provides artists who are trying hard to bring some innovation in this static scene to help it to receive a better recognition. Many metal and rock fans and artists are practically stocked in the past, with old tendencies and that “nowadays music sucks” attitude towards 90% of new artists, so the ones who understood that something should and can be done first to change things are trying to sensitize the others with dedicated organizations and events. One example for all is the Underground Metal Alliance, which we’ve been part of for years now and we’re still members… for now. We’ll see how our music will evolve, haha.

 How did you know you were ready to follow up Heliocardio?

Cataldo: Telesthesia was not my decision. I was visited by an unknown being, telling me things across the distance. I think I have experienced a supernatural experience. So the new album is this: the urge to talk about this experience. Also, I am constantly evolving my musical taste and skills, so this pumps up my constant need to create music.

Vera: we also needed to keep on going and put in music all the growth we thought and felt we had done. Things already changed and we’re ready for new music but Telesthesia  also represents a big step forward in our production.Thanks!

Cataldo: I am really, really happy about this interview. Thank you so much, Metal Riot. And thanks to our readers. Remember that you can download all our music on https://caelestis.bandcamp.com/. Any donations are welcome, as they will make a new Caelestis release possible. Again thank you, and stay blue!Vera: thank you guys, much blue love! 🙂

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