Interview: Daniel Royale of Suffragette Street talks rock n roll fashion, jewelry, aesthetics

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When I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear, the idea of DIY popped up on my mind and I just went for it. And I expended a hobby to a business to share what I think it’s cool with like-minded people in the world.Daniel Royale

http://SuffragetteStreet.etsy.com is the homebase for NYC based rock afficianado, nice person and fashion/jewelry designer Daniel Royale. I first met Royale about six or seven years ago when I worked for the now defunct (sadly) Crusher Magazine and we attended a Boris show together. We hung out at some bars and clubs a few times also and she saw my old band PPSP (aka Pontius Pilate Sales Pitch w ex Coheed drummer Nate Kelley) at Don Hill’s once. Daniel is a fun and fun loving person, quick to laugh and knowledgeable about rock music and New York. I caught up with her to find out more about her jewelry work, which she declares as “Gothic/Steampunk/Rock n’ Roll Jewelry for Men & Women”. Want some cool, dark flair? This is a great shop to check out.

Maybe now that Mad Max: Fury Road is showing women to be more kick ass than the small dicked and pea brained misogynists at Return Of Kings website could ever be, men and women will feel more inclined to punk or glam it up again as we prepare for the post-apocalypse and listen to some killer tunes. You know why people like #motionlessinwhite or #blackveilbrides or #marilynmanson or #deathstars ? Cuz they are bringing the style back to the sleaze and glory of death rock. And the same can be said for gothic influenced dramatic types like Emilie Autumn or White Empress or even #Kerli . Maybe you should too?

If you don’t think fashion can be as creative as or have a worthy place in rock n’ roll, you are dumb.

Find out more BELOW, Sister Suffragettes.


Why do you think some people are afraid to embrace fashion as an ok part of rock n roll? With no New York Dolls there is nothing! haha.

*** Or David Bowie, absolutely! In Rock n’ Roll or not, worrying about what other people think of you is SO wasting of time & energy. Why some people feel insecure to be different from others, because they are putting others priority before themselves. If you deeply care about what makes YOU happy, life would work a lot more simpler for you.


What got you into jewelry making?

*** When I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear, the idea of DIY popped up on my mind and I just went for it. And I expended a hobby to a business to share what I think it’s cool with like-minded people in the world.

You have more delicate stuff and some more gothy or darker stuff. You also do a lot with keys. How is the jewelry you make an expression of your aesthetics?

*** I do chose a piece when I see something that I feel connected to it. A piece I chose to create a jewelry with is something that vibrates my soul and they want me to express aesthetics in me through them. And if other people feel some connection from my creation that’s how it should work all together.
Do you believe New York City still has a lot to offer for a music fan? What was the last really good show you went to or even an old fun one you remember?

*** I don’t know how it has changed so much especially in the last decade but I still believe NYC can Rock to kick your a**. If you are in a band you can not skip it or even if you are based in the city there are a lot going on for you to get inspired from and reflect to your own music. The last really good show I saw would be… The Cult at legendary Roseland Ballroom as they always have a great show and the bassist is from NYC! There are too many good old shows as I recall but I want to say one of Motorhead shows also at Roseland.


I cannot recall the Motorhead show I “saw” at Roseland with Christine Natanael, haha. What was one of the more complicated pieces you designed?

*** That must be a heart necklace made of 247 pieces of loose Swarovski crystal beads. 193 pieces for the heart and the rest goes to the chain. It took me over 4 hours to complete it’s crazy but one of pieces I am very proud of.


What do you think is the most rock n roll bar in NYC these days?

*** I would say Duff’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is definitely one of them.


How can people find out more about you and see or order your work?

*** You can take a look and order my jewelry from my online shop at Etsy.com anytime, also can find my bio at “About” section. I have profiles at Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest but Face Book is easy method to see what I do daily and to find pieces of who I am here and there. And of course, new products will be announced on there first, so you won’t miss it. Not only to show off my products but it’s a place to connect & communicate with like-minded people as well. If you are a fan of dark arts, you would enjoy my posts everyday and will find something that inspires you and that’s my biggest wish for you when you visit my page whenever you want some spices.


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