Interview: Doro Pesch – Raise Your Fist and 30th Anniversary North American quest

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Metal Queen Doro Pesch has the golden voice of pure classic metal that can always soothe or rally any weary hearts or surge adrenaline into the hard rock hordes. Doro is touching back down in North America and working on finishing touches for a 30th Anniversary DVD as well as releasing the special edition of Raise Your Fist with a new bonus CD of killer covers and new stuff. It is always a humbling honor to speak with such a true figure of real rock n roll. I have the utmost respect for Doro.

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Doro, it is excellent to talk to you again.

 Doro Pesch: Yeah, going into October, I will be close.

I plan to see you in New York City.

Oh, good. This will be a very special one with many guests. Bobby Blitz, Jeff Waters, some more. A celebration.

How do you feel with the recent success of Raise Your Fist?

I’m so glad to be touring the States again. We did some Summer festivals in Europe. NYC falls on the 20th of October. This will be the last show for the 30th Anniversary DVD that will come out next year. Some shows in my former hometown in Germany. Different places. But New York will be a good one. Bobby Blitz is coming. Yeah. Guests confirmed already, so it will be good. And the songs, of course, were chosen by the fans. All the highlights they want will be in the set. We keep it pure for them.

Please play “Haunted Heart”. It is still my recent favorite. 

Oh, that is a good one. We had it in the setlist like 4 years ago. Then the new record and new songs. Some songs had to go. We didn’t play it in awhile but it is a good pick. It feels great to have the metal support. We all know each other. Jeff Waters, we just talked on the 70,000 Tons of Metal. Then we did Wacken and went to a film premiere a few weeks ago and I told him I was flying into Canada. And so…Bobby we played many anniversaries together and he came over to Germany, so I asked him again and it means so much. New York City was my first love in ’86 and I still love it. I lived there. So New York has to be on the DVD. Everybody is coming to New York. It keeps me in touch with my heart when everybody is coming to celebrate with us. How much fun it is. It’s always a big struggle and fight to hold ion but it is worth it. Yeah.

I was listening to “Grab The Bull” (Last Man Standing) with Gus G guesting on it last night and just hearing your highs at the end was so inspiring. Your voice is still so amazing and real.

Oh, Good. Good, good. We have a bonus CD to Raise Your Fist coming out October 14th. It’s called Powerful Passionate Favorites. There is another version of “It Still Hurts” with Lemmy, some new stuff, and there are all songs we love. Stuff like Led Zeppelin, our version of “Nutbush City Limits” by Tina Turner. She was the first woman I’d ever seen who was an entertainer and on fire…such a power woman. Led Zeppelin, “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. Many songs by bands we admire. And the DVD will be out next year. We are working on a new record as we speak and then in March we do an encore in the States. All the cities where we aren’t going in October.

When you have the legacy of 30 years behind you and your fans, when you write do you try to write for them or still need to write from what is going on in your life right now?

It’s usually both. A combination. I always feel when I’m on fire and think “Man, will the fans love it.” Not every song is for the public, but sometimes I finish them. Some ideas you choose the songs with the fans in mind as the foremost and it is the same stuff I love to. Some stuff is cool for special limited editions but for the real album we don’t use some jazz idea I would probably do by myself (laughing).

It has to be cool but when something comes out and I’m on fire for an idea…there’s a demo called “NYC Blues” on the bonus CD. It’s the first time I did a demo and fans can hear it in the purest form. It’s not produced or polished. So it’s for limited edition and maybe cool. A lonely day in New York. Some people like anthems or dark, soulful ballads. As long as it is extreme and powerful and emotional, I couldn’t tell you what I like more. It depends on the song. If it has power and magic, that’s me. Bring the magic to the people.


I just think your voice is good on whatever. I’d love to hear you sing the blues. It probably still sounds powerful and sexy. 

(laughing) I recorded it in my living room late at night. In New York City I loved it but I had such lonely times. It blew my mind so I wrote this song. And wow.

I was lucky to interview King Diamond today before this and now you. 

Oh, King Diamond! I remember we were on the same bill in The Netherlands once. They were very advanced when it came to metal, in the early 80’s. Then Germany when he got big a little bit later. I was at the Metal Hammer awards and this year I could give the Legends award away to Cronos of Venom. I’m glad the early 80’s bands are still around.

Yeah, I look to King and you as the two singers who most will keep the pure heavy metal spirit alive now that Ronnie James Dio is no longer with us. So it is such an honor to speak with my two favorites in one hour. Ozzy and Halford are also giants but you and King, to me, have the most technical skill and great material for fans of classic metal. Your real voices, it is so inspiring. Thank you for making sure rock is never really dead.

You can totally count on it! I still feel like I just started and would love to have maybe thirty years more. I’m totally up for it! Fans can always count on that. I will never change my mind, say goodbye tour and go do something else. I am pretty sure I will do it to the day I die.


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