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Do sub-genres really matter anymore or should people just listen? Take a band like Nhor who are more abstract and create kind of dark moodscapes or a band like Devildriver who just want to groove and kill while tweaking their sound slightly each record or a band like Spineshank who never really worried about what style they were playing. It is all good. There is room for anything. Metal is about freedom, ideally.

Eminence from Brazil take this to heart on their new record THE STALKER. The album, produced by Tue Madsen (Himsa, Dagoba, Aborted), is full of groove, thrash and danger around every turn. With ferocious vocals from Bruno Paraguay, a lockstep rhythm section and the guided missile guitar approach of Alan Wallace, the band are set to make a mark, like Sepultura and Krisiun before them, on a larger global scale.

From the ominous opening of “Self Rejection” to the Fear Factory-esque assault groove of “Eyetricity”, Eminence rain body blows on the listener. Stream the whole album (featuring guest spots from Paulo, Jr. of Sep fame) HERE.
It was a pleasure to interview guitarist Alan Wallace and Metal Riot hope to do our share and  to help promote the band stateside. Read the interview HERE!


William S. Burroughs had a book about weird dreams called MY EDUCATION that I love. It is warped. But in life we often learn many things in weird ways from instinct to dream or growing up on the streets or being shocked out of a bubble. Can you talk about any memories in your life that stand out as “wake up call” moments in teaching you a lesson about the real world?

When I was a child, I lived in a small house with my parents. We ate just one time a day and my father worked really hard in a local radio station. I remember REALLY bad times. We have to know life is really short and we have to live in a good way. We have to believe in our dreams!

The album is excellent. From the ambiance of “Self Rejection” setting an eerie kind of sci-fi mood that regresses into a primal death essence on songs like the Soulfly reminiscent and very awesome “Veins of Memories”. You guys have speed. Thrashy parts, the whole nine yards as well as a few clean vocal parts that don’t ruin the songs like whiny American bands.

We worked for 1 year to write the new songs. I am glad you liked the album! We recorded some clean vocals in a different way .

I am pleased your band has great guitar solo elements despite some alternative influences. Songwriting and energy are important but often less left of field metal needs a good solo like in “Self-Rejection” to really seal the deal.

You will hear thousands of bands doing breakdowns in the middle of the tracks, and in the end I was thinking to do a breakdown with more groove and a guitar solo. It worked very well. The first ideas came from our singer Bruno Paraguay! He is crazy about breakdown.

Where do you see yourselves fitting in with metal or standing alone? It is kind of groove metal with influences from various eras. I hear a lot of classic Roadrunner bands in your sound, in the best way. “Critical Path” punishes in the best way. Precision and attack! Great melodic riffs as well as unrelenting charge.

It’s really hard for me to describe our style. Of course we have a lot of influences of death, thrash and hardcore band. But I would like to say we are a metal band ;) )


Tell me how it was working with Tue Madsen again for THE STALKER. I love his Moonspell work and he is perfect for bands with a modern but primal sound. This record absolutely explodes.

Tue Madsen is our friend and he is an amazing producer. It was really great to work with him again and I  hope we can work together again soon.

What is your favorite part of playing live? The nightlife? The fans? The intensity?

Well with playing live, fans and nightlife is a good combination but it is really good to see the metal fans  at our shows.

Can you talk about the album art? Why did you name the record THE STALKER?

The art is from Greek artist Viktor Koen Viktor, who lives in NYC. The album title is from our friend Vladinir Korg, the singer of The Unabomber Files. We really liked the name especially for this new era of stalkers on the internet.

Like your song “Mutation”, heavy music is changing every day. Where do you think it is headed next and how do you hope people feel after hearing your record? Inspired? Angry? Overwhelmed?

It’s just metal music with crazy ideas the tracks mutation and reverse. Hope metal fans can be inspired with the album.

Band photo by Ricardo Muniz

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