Interview: House Of Lightning – “Lightworker” and doing what you want

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I think anytime is a good time for people to do what they want – Henry Wilson

Live photos by James Covington 

Henry from House Of Lighting took the time to answer my questions on the band’s supersonic riff ride Lightworker and what they have cooking for later this year and beyond. This band reminds me of the thrill I got from early ROIR Bad Brains/Soulside, Van Halen’s Fair Warning and the stuff released by Wilson’s acclaimed band Floor (though Wilson plays a different instrument in the two bands). It’s all  thrown in some kind of multi-dimensional rainbow blender like the Gargantua/black hole space Matthew McConaughey knocks books out of in Interstellar. It might not make you break out Goddess crystals (unless you are me) but the Lightworker name suits these bursts of pure energy and life just as well as seeking some inner peace and calm space through New Age music. Fans on Enya don’t get a lock on good vibes, haha! Check out “More Lights, More Trails” HERE.

The band’s music is sure to thrill fans of punk, technical metal, crazy innovative hard rock or fuzzed out stoner types who can handle really trippy kind of buried harmonies reflecting back at them from the center of some serious riffage. Get on board with  this Florida storm of electric vibes now! Everyone should be talking about this band a lot more.

Read the interview BELOW.

How was House of Lightning formed? Was there a modus operandi?

The band has been until recently constantly in a state of change. I’ll summarize. The band name came to me in summer 2005 and I started pursuing the material that was coming to me shortly after. Initially I spent time in Albany Oregon with drummer Travis Foster. At the time I started feeling that I lacked the skill set to play or pull off some of the ideas that were coming to me while jamming with Travis. I spent the next few years in seclusion progressing.2008 John Ostberg (who I played with in Dove) and I start jamming again.

The next few years are spent working on the record which by this time has taken me “down the rabbit hole”. Long periods of inactivity mostly surround our lack of bass or keyboard player. 2012 we complete Lightworker. Only a few shows are played in late 2012 then no activity until Rick Smith and Eric Hernandez approach me about jamming in summer 2014, this is where the band is now. Modus Operandi ? There is no formula we keep it free. Just reach for better songs and really feel it.

How mathy do you get ahead of time with compostitions? Or is it all worked out through jamming?

As mathy as is may seem most everything comes together just by jamming alone and being in my own headspace. Somethings just happen and it feels right, somethings are close but need a little torque, but all of it just happens. I never sit down and designate a “writing time”. Guitar stuff is easy, all that really just reveals itself.

John put a lot of time in his drums and tried all kinds ideas for each song, vocal stuff is the hardest to be happy with and
takes the longest time. Im a little better at it now due to the learning process the Lightworker record was.

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Do you think it is a good time for more hyper kinetic or brainy bands in the underground ? Is something in the water?

I think anytime is a good time for people to do what they want. For me I just go where it takes me, no strategy when it comes to timing for any audience. As for water I try to avoid fluoride. Keep that third eye free and clear. Maybe these
other bands are on that tip too.

What was it like writing this record versus Floor Oblation?

My guitar style is way different than my drums. Lightworker took forever and Oblation took about 6 months in total. I’m sure though that Anthony had more time into it than that with putting the initial songs and riffs together. Floor works as a band and usually were able to bounce off each other and twist each others ideas into something we’re feeling.

Lightworker was drastically different in that I only really had
myself to come to creative conclusions, and I can go all kinds of directions while feeling each one, its coming down to focus on one idea and thinking that its the best takes time. House of Lightning is working more like a band now than ever though, our next record has came together really quick. Eric and Rick play with a lot of confidence and I’m able to
bounce ideas at them. With ideas now I’ll have a version A and a version B and I’ll leave the decision to pick the stronger of the two up to them.

Did you ever receive reiki? My sister Stephanie gives it to people. It helped me relax and helped her Saint Bernard even. (Note: I have a purple car I bought from her that has a sticker on it that says Lightworker on Board next to a Corpse Flower records sticker I put on it, hahaha. )

I have. My girlfriend is a Reiki practitioner. I don’t do it often but I believe it helped when I broke my foot in a few places and other instances. I think just the intent and human touch can help greatly.

Guitar Tone…so dope. 

Thanks, all credit to Crate, B.C. Rich and Jah.

Praise Jah. What’s next on the horizon?

We (HOL V2) just finished recording the next record, will be out this summer. 6 songs 40 minutes long. Rick and Eric really
pushed the level and have totally reignited the band. We’ll be touring the states during June and August.

Lightning, how did you come to identify with it?

Never thought about it in a spiritual sense but I can get down with what you’ve said here. My connection is that I’ve lived in central Florida most of my life. Were also the lightning capital of the world. Our lightning gets real around here. Kills people on the regular. I tell most non native people around here “do not play with it”. If you see it or hear it, you should seek shelter. My father was struck in 1986 and lived. I came across the name by total accident so it wasn’t anything super deep. I can go deep with it though.


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