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Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at 3:22 PM (PST)

The “Barbarian Black Horde”, mighty IMPIETY are not only Singapore’s most bad ass metal warlords of blackened destruction, but one of the most evil and legendary underground bands in metal. Band mastermind and prolific cult leader Shyaithan is adept at bass, vocals and guitars but also is lightning fast when it comes to hysterical, bad ass one liners and tidbits of awesome worldly wisdom.

Impiety demonstrate their myriad skills to the fullest on their new release WORSHIPPERS OF THE SEVENTH TYRANNY, an epic long player up there in awesomeness with Ufomammut’s recent totally crushing EVE (though much different). WORSHIPPERS is a groundbreaking, masterful and demonic guided tour of hell. You’ll buy the ticket and take the ride but want to go again and again depsite the intensity! Few bands can match the level of bad ass that Impiety exhude on a daily basis. Yeah!!!

Read the Metal Riot interview (re: their storied career as well as the recent Japan crisis) with the defiant riff veteran Shyaithan HERE .

Morgan Y. Evans: WORSHIPPERS OF THE SEVENTH TYRANNY is a major statement. How hard was it composing and executing/recording such a lengthy opus? How did the idea come about and how did you make it happen? Is this an ultimate statement? I like that it is one song because it reminds me of how in classical music you have many movements of one grand scale piece.

Shyaithan: You said that right, major statement up your ass! After  TERROREIGN was released and left it’s dent on this globe, I wished only that the next album serve as a bigger challenge to uptake.  I for one never like albums to get too generic in terms of concept, deliverance and play.  I envisioned a ‘never-ending’- unmerciful storm of hate that would showcase not only lightning fast tempos but also one primarily carved deep into the heart of doom; an album so punishing that it would tear you inside out with as much depravation and desolation in one gigantic maelstrom of metal wrath! I never really had the chance really touch upon dread slow energies until now, that is to do an album based also on one of my loves and that is traditional dread paced doom. Growing up in the late 80s metal arena, doom had always been a part of my earlier influences. I’m sure you would raise your fist each time you put on brilliant albums from Hellhammer, Black Sabbath, Winter, old Cathedral, early Samael, that cult demo from Necroschizma,etc. From the late 80s until 90, even when IMPIETY incepted, I had long wanted to write slower and heavier songs with doom foundation but never fully got round to dedicating appropriately to that. I was but possessed by satanic speed the whole time, still am ofcourse. I knew the day would come when I could truly sit down and write afresh some thing a ton heavier than ever attempted before. Ideas and the overall feel came over the natural cause of time. So finally, damage written and executed late last year, and am satisfied being able to craft this monster of an album.

MYE: I am a huge doom fan and you did those influences of yours proud. How was it going from TERROREIGN to WORSHIPPERS and what do you have to say to any critics? It may be different but WORSHIPPERS OF THE SEVENTH TYRANNY is clearly very fucking pissed off sounding! It almost feels like one long ritual. You have traditional and experimental in a raw, evil blend!

Shyaithan: Well, surprisingly, fans and legions dig the new album a lot. Many told me they kept playing it 2-3 times at a go. I really appreciate a lot of good reviews which I never anticipated to begin with. Haha. I expected the worst actually and didn’t care as much. Indeed, I write for myself, and nothing from the current scene or rather ‘industry’ influences me at all. I can’t be bothered what the majority of metalheads like or what sells good these days,etc… that type of bullshit is never in mind. I just write and release what I damn well believe in. I move with the flow so as to speak. Yes, I wanted a more acoustic feel to the record and you know I’m happy very little digital edit was done in the end. The recording phase went well in Montebelluna, Italy at a humble Music City Studios. Indeed, keeping it close to tradition was what I wanted. Delivering this album with a more modern type of sound just wouldn’t work for me at all. WORSHIPPERS is an album that has a lot of soul and feel to it and I really prefer to give it a more analog type of production rather than a common digital one.

MYE: What are the most important things that have to be present on an album to make it feel like Impiety to you? Impiety have had many band members, but the music is bruising and bleak and punishing always. Guitars are in your face to the extreme.

Shyaithan: Chaos is that key associated always when it comes to IMPIETY. Adrenaline and energy levels rocket sky high each time you play a new IMPIETY release. No matter what the line up or formation I work with, it is I who plan and put all pillars into place concerning the music. I write and compose every thing and lay down all the drum work. It’s all in my head and then what I usually do is lay it down on a demo at studio first before conveying my creations to the others. I’m not really open to ideas but it all depends really if i find it goes well with my writing.  Anyways, there is so much adrenaline in me these days and I do find myself still putting out some of the most harshest creations of all time. Importantly, I find myself a much better/developed song writer these days and mind you it doesn’t take long to write crushing songs.  But only when I want to write, then I will do so. If not I wont force myself to write for just the simple sake of putting out a release. Quality and never Quantity. So yeah, whatever I feel or whatever that comes to mind if I feel the need to compose, then I would do so. Pushing beyond boundaries of extremity is what I am notably notorious for, always. Haha.

MYE: Shyaithan, you have been doing Impiety for a long time and have many fans around the world boiling in the underground. What are some of the highlights of the band’s career looking back that stand out to you as moments that were insane or songs you particularly thought came out extra powerful. I love “Sodomythical Frostgoats” from SKULLFUCKING ARMAGEDDON. It is hard to top the title of that song or title of that album! Also, where are your fans the craziest?

Shyaithan: This is the toughest question you’ve put before me, really. Haha. And just because I really find 95% of all places/countries we’ve played to be special. Special because it’s the fans and diehard I meet. Positive charge and energies abound. It’s makes a great difference no matter what the place or time. Maybe few legions here or many there, it doesn’t matter to me as long as warriors appreciate our efforts. So I can tell you from Asia, Japan, Texas-USA in December, EU most times,etc. It’s just been good for me to be able to trample the stage and meet the diehards. I also do appreciate countries strong in culture and heritage. All these leave a great impact on me. I mean, the world in the end, seems so small yet so vast – there is always so much to see and learn. Anyways yeah, It is hard to top the title of SKULLFUCKING ARMAGEDDON. I mean right after that came out, many bands started adopting skullfucking this or skullfucking that,etc. Not to mention many other bands adopting our lyrics, image,etc. Well it’s cool to inspire others. But that IMPIETY album said it first, said it loud and said it proud. Craziest fan base on planet earth for IMPIETY will be Thailand always but then again there’s also other countries with violent wardemons abounding. Anyways, You should travel and visit Greater Asia when you have time. It’s such a diverse and intriguing part of the planet.

MYE: I would kill to do that. Really want to! So, Impiety has worked with different labels through a long career. How has it been with Agonia the last few releases? I am a fan of that label and some bands who have worked with them, particularly Aosoth.

Shyaithan: We’ve been with Agonia Records since 2004. Filip, the label boss signed us for 4 albums but gave us liberties to release limited vinyl releases and mini albums (EPS) with other labels, hence the fact that we work with various labels and notably also the ineffable Pulverised Records.  Well, maybe you’ve heard in the past I had a lot of troubles with Agonia but the last 2 years things have pretty much got back on track. I and Filip have had big talks and sorted a lot of issues via phone and I must say our relations have improved. Look, Agonia is not the biggest and most fanciful label out there like other commercial labels but atleast Filip does his best for us. Pulverised is another label we work with and because they are very supportive of IMPIETY and have helped fund some of our European tours. Who knows what the future holds now as we remained unsigned but time will tell surely.

MYE: You’ve also recently written the ADVENT OF… ep. “Advent Of The Nuclear Baphomet” is very punishing and uncompromisingly frightening but also has a sick flange part that really works. The record artwork is also terrific. Was it an odd feeling to make a 3 song ep after a 1 song album? You recorded in Italy? Also, what do you think about the nuclear crisis discussions in the world right now after what is going on in Japan?

Shyaithan: Well not odd but you know I felt I wanted to dare myself to do another 3 songs in quick succession. A challenge once again and right after WORSHIPPERS. Going for the kill once again, if you will. I think the new mini album compliments the harsh assault of WORSHIPPERS. Another rude awakening this 2011 as many got a shock when just 1 month after WORSHIPPERS hit the streets, they got news of another new mini album launch. Well interesting to see reactions but once again, putting these 3 songs all too soon, made it a greater challenge for me.  Yes, Lord Sickness is our humble artist from Thailand and he’s worked with us since Formidonis Nex Cultus, then all other releases since 2007 til this day. Usually I draft/draw out the entire art and he realises it pretty well in short time. Also I choose usually the colours which are also important for each release, you may have noticed. Yes, recorded once again at Music City Studios in North Italy – Montebelluna. Odd feeling no – but erection – yes!

MYE: Ahahahahaha!

Shyaithan: Man those songs really shred, just glad they turned out the way I wanted it. Japan – yeah, it’s really bad for the Earthquake and Tsunami. I’ve many good komrades there and just glad they are safe, most have fled west ward of Japan. But now the nuclear reactor at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant is emanating heaps of radiation already as the slow meltdown of fuel rods are under way. There is alot the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Japanese government have failed to reveal still taking chances when by now they should bury the damaged reactors to prevent more catastrophe. We surely don’t want to see a disastrous repetition of Chernobyl! Today in Singapore we found contaminated sea food and vegetables already imported from japan. God Damn. Anyways, I really hope for the best and that  Japan can heal these wounds.  It will take alot of strong will and time. But as for more natural destruction and calamity, I’m sure we’ll see more over time in other parts of the world. So precautionary measures are to be taken seriously no matter where you live.

MYE: For you, how much does rebellion form your world philosophy? I was reading Paradise Lost and there is a part where Lucifer calls the hordes “we the conquered” and talks about undermining the plans of God to make “good out of evil” that which the hordes of Hell try to accomplish. Much religion is used to pacify but also Satanism can be limiting as well. Symbolism is powerful but I think the most important thing is to be yourself and respect other’s beliefs but to not be afraid to disagree. World history is all war because of this. I like some atheist, Christian and Satanic bands as long as they can think for themselves. Thoughts?

Shyaithan: Rebellion is indeed the root core of IMPIETY’s inception. And ever since becoming a rebel to society, I chose to live life as a desecrator – one who mocks, deconstruct/tears down and destroys. I view God and Religion as the total weakness of mankind. Satanism has powerful meaning to myself and IMPIETY. All strength, wisdom and darkest energies that emanate within my mortal shell and barbarian horde IMPIETY is one which is 100% against organized religion, the feeble world of god and every thing that represents chastity, sanctity, beauty, purity and piety. Religion deceives – rakes in millions if not billions for your filthy politicians. Lands have been conquered, civilizations built and torn, and in the process, innocents have been butchered just because of religion time and time over as you have read throughout the history of humankind. Without regret, I have chosen to lead this short life on earth as a full time Goat-worshipping Desecrator and Blasphemer, because my primary ambition from inception is to create and cast plentiful misery, plague, death and chaos upon this world of blind sheep. IMPIETY is that perfect weapon. It is not just a ‘topic’ for the band like most bands will tell you bullshit or elaborate crap and then also lead another double life in reality; I fucking go straight to the point on this. For it is who I am ; Shyaithan forever stands with one boot over the rotten corpse of your God whatever shape and size always in full force and ugliness of demonic victory!

MYE: Dude, all i can say is…you say awesome and quotable shit. You are the man. What are some artists outside of your genre or experiences that influenced the band that might be surprising to some people?

Shyaithan: Haha..well outside my genre, I will tell you  there is Satan (well he’s every where), classical music from the period from the Early Middle Ages to the present day, Queen, Wendy O Willams and the Great Nancy Sinatra.  Honestly monumental records they’ve all put out that makes each day worth living for. But ofcourse as inspiring as they’ve all been, major influence for the band still came from the days in later part of the 80s when I got into Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer, Sarcofago…ughhh..

MYE: What would Impiety most like to still accomplish as far as either bands to play with or places to see or people to piss off, hahaha? Anything like that?

Shyaithan: Time shall reveal, I can’t say really. Indeed, content I am and accomplished most if not all objectives of the band. I’ll still keep the fire going as long as I wish to. For now I’m looking for an album deal because we’ve finished our  4 album deal with Agonia. Of Course they are still interested to re-sign us but options are open at this point. There is still Brazil, that final frontier to conquer, well time will tell for these things. I don’t really wish for it but go with the flow of things. So this and more great tours, let’s see what the future holds, shall we?

MYE: Would you ever think of writing a book,
Shyaithan? I think with your experiences of being from Singapore and then traveling the world and seeing so much of the real underground and changes up to now that it would be a really good story.

Shyaithan: Good point, I am considering all that for the next full length. A digiCD book release and digi book LP would be killer to tell it all. Anyways 21 over years – long and hard with Barbarian Black Horde Mighty IMPIETY has yielded nothing but great memories, incredible journeys, some of the greatest line-ups I’ve worked with, great diehards and Legions worldwide I’ve met and broken skulls with, memorable stage holocausts, monumental releases, in short plentiful trophies of great accomplishments. It has been a long ride and the band has taken me to so many continents, met so many good people and heathen warriors, learnt a great deal of culture and languages, stayed and lived in so many places…and needless to say, I stand accomplished this day. I am at the moment just continuing what I do best for as long as I am able to carve, create and unleash great records. I’ll just keep command besides, of course, conquering and trampling this putrid world in infernal succession.

MYE: Fuck yeah!!!!!!


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