Interview: In Flames on daring “Siren Charms”, growth as a band

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Friday, October 3, 2014 at 5:01 PM (PST)


We write for what we think is right. I have to believe in myself and the songs and music that I do. I have to live with that shit forever...I [could] try to do Colony II, but that wouldn’t be right, either. That album was true to who I was for that time and who we were then. I wouldn’t change a thing, you know? For us, it’s always been about taking everything we’ve done with us, but embracing the future. Using what we have right now. – Anders

In Flames ought to be as legendary as an alternative metal band with prog-leanings as they are for their early  melodic death metal. It is idiotic. Siren Charms is one of their best , truly layered albums and is RIYL anything from System Of A Down to Black Crown Initiate to Opeth to, of course, In Flames. No one does it quite their way and if you have an open mind and can appreciate the band as a whole and not within a box of a few certain years, the rewards are many.

My interview with vocalist Anders Fridèn for New Noise Magazine can be read HERE.

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