Interview: “Keepin’ It Real” With Emilie Autumn

Posted by JDKleinhans on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 5:40 AM (PST)

5Emilie Autumn, “she keeps it real, raw, edgy, hardcore” or so she says. But in the twenty minute “romantic chat” I had with her, I was quickly reminded of how truly humble, appreciative, and self-deprecating she is.

As I nervously fumbled with my camera and reviewed in my head the multitude of questions I had prepared, this blonde haired lithe figure dressed in a cream 1920’s style gown, knitted gloves, red and white striped stockings, and what I assume to be some incredibly comfy boots. I went from being nervous to being truly starstruck for the first time in my life and all those prepared questions melted away. You have to understand something, I have been a devout plague rat since 2006 who has been utterly disappointed in himself for never having seen Emilie Autumn live on stage. How dare I call myself a plague rat?

And there I was, not only seeing her in person for the first time, but actually being blessed with a sliver of time to be able to sit and talk with her. Thankfully for me (and for her?) she does not allow for a standard interview if you let her. In our short little chat we discussed keeping it real, magnets, going bra-less, Fight Like A Girl tour and video, The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls musical, erotic fan fiction, the Rate Game, The Devil’s Carnival, and more. Thankfully her tour manager is an impeccable time keeper otherwise I’m sure we could have passed the entire afternoon in a randomly “romantic chat”.

Enough talk, go and check it out right here.

“Motherfuckin’ Broadway.”


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