Interview: Madball – Hardcore Lives Forever, Of Course

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Someone on Facebook this morning had a post about “What bands changed the world”? Of course everyone said The Beatles. I said Bad Brains. Why? Because the bands from D.C. and NYC who started hardcore created the touring circuit, helped unite progressive minded folks from across the USA, which has led to regionalism movements that affect everything from organic, local farming to music scenes. And hardcore itself, however much “studio-jingle” punk gets used in car commercials…true hardcore will always be there for the working class.

As I write this up I am listening to power-prog metal heroes Stratovarius’ epic key-laced intro to “King Of Nothing” from Polaris. It is even hard to wonder if we would ever have the creative quirks of our most niche bands like this to enjoy if, arguably, hardcore and metal hadn’t reared their heads from the outcasts cry for freedom, causing mass movements in the underground across the world that led to the alternative rock movement and the many splinters of sub genres we have today.

Amidst all of this is Madball. Formed in the late 80’s by most of Agnostic Front, Madball over the years fought in the trenches. Freddy Cricien’s musical baby is the emblem of nyhc hardcore for so many people. Madball are fittingly at the tip top of their game on new release Hardcore Lives. “DNA”, “My Armor” with CM Punk, Chad Gilbert and Toby Morse, “True School” with Scott from Terror…I could list many highlights.

But let’s check in w Freddy HERE to see what’s goin’ on.

Hardcore lives forever!

Hi Freddy. thanks for doing this. i interviewed you years ago for crushermagazine.com, christine natanael’s site, when it was still up…for catholic guilt. pma, brutha. Man, every song on this new one is fire. I am a longtime fan but these are some of the best madball songs I have ever, ever heard in my life. Not a note or a lyric fails to inspire me. What do you think made this one turn out so charged and soulful?

Freddy – thanks so much for the kind words, means a lot. Very cool to hear a long time supporter say this is one of the best if not the best record- we feel strongly about it as well but it’s fuel for us when we hear that. Respect. As far as inspiration and all that, first off I’m a dad now so I can’t let my son down…ha! The soulful aspect that should always be there it’s necessary…. And charged is a good way to put it. We do feel “charged” and we need to be! It’s an ever changing world and the scene is no different, to stay relevant you have to not only keep it honest but bring it with all you can muster!

Freddy solo pic 2014

How does it feel to have such o.g. fan loyalty and new fans still finding out real nyhc’s legacy through you guys?

It feels good to be respected by the “old generation” on both the “musician” level and supporter level. I guess we have put some serious time in so that’s cool. We are considered vets but at times we don’t feel that way! We still feel like the young guns with something to prove…ha. Maybe that’s why the newer generations also connect with us and identify with us. For the most part.


Can you talk about the video with Candace? She is such a boss on stage. I remember old footage of her from years ago flipping some stage diver dude over her head into a crowd that almost collided into her. It was on some trustkill dvd, i think. Such a talented and no bullshit person/performer. Were you a Walls of Jericho fan?

Candace is a great person. I consider her, her family, and band..friends of our family. Good people. I wouldn’t say I was a Walls Of Jericho “fan” although they are a cool band and they bring it! I’m definitely a Candace fan though..ha…..she’s a great front person and was a perfect fit for this track we recently did. She does her thing, man!

Do you ever have moments of self-doubt still or does your work or friendships or madball’s legacy help you to reset when you are down?

Of course I do. Im human and I’d be lying if I said otherwise. That said, I’m blessed with a good support system (my family and friends) and also with my music which is very therapeutic for me and all of us.


Any more hip hop on the horizon from you?

The “road to sin” will drop 2014!

Dude, tour with Municipal Waste! I can’t even imagine how off the hook it will be? How off the hook will it be, haha?

We played with those cats in Europe a couple/few times and they’re real nice guys. We look forward to it. I think it’s a cool mix up…definitely!

 Can you describe a little bit your friendship with the other band members in Madball?

We all have our quirks and differences of opinions and all that like any family….but that last part is the most important part…we’re a family.

Did you feel with the album Hardcore Lives that there was something to prove or more that it can’t be stopped as long as people remember the true meaning these days?

Both. It serves as a statement and reminder…..


What are you most thankful for in 2014 so far and what are you looking forward to for the rest of the year? Any send off message to the fans?

Thankful for my family my wife and son and entire Fam and extended Fam. Happy we were able to get this record out and that’s it’s being received the way it is. All this is good energy and fuel for what’s to come! To our supporters I send my love and respect…hard core lives!

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