Interview: Patriarchy – Actually Huizenga is a God Damn GENIUS

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“…the fact that we have these wild parakeets flying around between the palm trees and most normal people don’t even acknowledge them…they are a precious detail that only the wisest of Los Angelinos truly appreciate.” – Actually Huizenga.

Happy Easter weekend, sinners. Or Passover or Pagan Bunny day if that’s what you are doing. Whatever is clever. I’m here to bring you back from the dead in style with a blasphemous article on the most holy musical warrioress of our times, Actually Huizenga. She is a performer, brilliant musician and funny and chill as heck, a multi-faceted director, actress, rager, singer, expert on obscure subjects and also probably will live forever through cult worship ceremonies. She is the force behind Patriarchy (a much better one than “the patriarchy” – you will want to rave about how “Patriarchy” is finally cool).

Yes, cool is a dorky word. But facts are facts. I was scrolling IG one day and saw her Patriarchy page and was like WTF! Some people would maybe think they had stumbled into a Babylonian hellscape but I was like…this is basically utopia!

Now, a little known fact…there is not really a God. Famed-ethnobotanist Terence McKenna was right about the fractal machine elves but something overlooked is that fractal machine elves sometimes tie it on too hard. They also have the big responsibility of determining how much coolness every soul which is born gets pre-birth from their little weird psychic elf factory. One day a particularly handsome elf we will call “Buzz” was kind of asleep on the job and rested his nose too hard on the “coolness lever”. Well, it turns out baby Actually got 30X the concentrated radness usually given to a normal “mortal” and thus is probably going to save or destroy the world. Are we ready for her messages?

All I know is she saved my brain the last few days by offering a much needed alternative to Trump bleating about “No collusion”, a far superior place with chain mail, snakes, decadence and synthy wise-ass glory. I know y’all wanna read about Accursed Spawn and stuff all the time, but sometimes we need to get freakier than that – ok?!

So I wrote to her and the California based artist thankfully agreed to let me interview her. Fuck yeah! She even told me funny stories and humored me while I was telling her about being stuck in a forest and seeing giant hawks that thankfully didn’t eat me alive or this never would have been published. Instead, you have the following conversation to memorize. You should also watch her videos and movies twice as many times as people streamed The Dirt. Jesus says everyone who does gets to go to heaven this weekend for free, no matter what. For real.

In all seriousness though, she is hysterical, beyond talented and really blew my mind when I heard her incredible music. So happy this came together and hope all of you have fun reading it or discovering her world and killer material if you haven’t yet.

Read our chat BELOW.



MYE: First of all, you are amazing. I was so thrilled to discover your stuff. Your music is all so dope and refreshing. Like I told you on Twitter your Nine Inch Nails cover is my favorite ever besides Johnny Cash (Author’s Note – our word press is being weird and I couldn’t make any new band profiles today so I just published this under the Nine Inch Nails category so maybe when Trent uses Google he will find it, haha). And your originals are some of my favorite music I have been lucky to discover in years. It is funny cuz I first discovered you on IG and just thought your energy and attitude was amazing. Then I fell into the rabbit hole! When did you know you wanted to be a performer? You are so multifaceted. 


Actually Huizenga – Thank you so much for the heart-warming flattery. I have been making art and performing since I was quite small. I have had a consistently “perverted” outlook on life. We forget that “children” are the most Dionysian of us all until society molds them into supplicants. I have always strayed far from the Herd. The best adventures are always out deep in the woods…or in the deep waters. Through fear we can find ourselves or be lead by others.


MYE: I love your effortless fusion of high brow and low brow mediums. This gay punker friend of mine at a bar was listening as I described your short movies/videos and he was like ,”she sounds like John Waters became a synth rock girl and I am here for it”. But for real, I love art like Royal Trux that can combine a huge array of visual zaniness with really edgy mysic or even like The Great Kat where she is such a wild character but then can shred guitar like no one’s business. You reminded me of those acts not in sound but in the sort of collage of influences kinship and being able to combine unexpected things into this amazing cult-worthy experience. And you end up sort of aesthetically mining some real deep shit too. Like micro macro morality things and the ID and sensuality and power, and with kick ass tunes. 


AH- Oh wow – I love what your gay punker said! Always an honor to be compared to John Waters. Also I really love that line “micro macro morality”…. I have always been confused and yet intrigued by the idea of morality. I have used art to explore humanity’s mutated ideas on living/ religion/ morality… nature vs nurture … going beyond good and evil – at least trying to. I feel lucky to be amongst the most highly developed of Earth’s organisms. The smartest of animals are the most evil (dolphins/chimpanzees/humans ), but what does evil really mean? It’s a difficult subject but also very fun indeed. Everyone should re-read Oscar Wilde’s “Picture of Dorian Gray.” It really pulls the wool off the sheeps eyes and genitals.


MYE: Don’t know if I should tell you this or if you will think it is funny but when I was reading one of your L.A. Weekly interviews a pop up ad came up for manscaping trimmers! I was like wtf! What are they doing over there at that publication! That kind of seemed like it could a scene in one of your movies but if it was like also involving Greek statues somehow. Also, you recently saw Mortiis, right? How was that? I feel like he should really make a cameo in one of your films someday, lol. 


AH- A video with a Mortiis cameo amongst some hot muscle men trimming themselves… and also (while they are at it) trimming hedges in a medieval fantasy garden sounds like perfection. Of course there would be a torture den somewhere … and an oubliette in a marble castle. I really want to make a video with realistic medieval torture devices.
The era 1 music of Mortiis is brilliant – I would love to collaborate with him somehow.


MYE:  I was seeing this rapper Sammus the other day. She was sooo good. She has a song about imposter syndrome that made me cry and talked about how guys always asked her who made her beats and couldn’t believe she does her own music. I remember you said you have dealt with that as well, right? WTF? Why are people so dumb as rocks? You’re a pretty damn sick piano player! 


AHAw thanks! I must look her up. Yes- for some strange reason it is hard for people to realize that I write my own music. It’s annoying – but the more annoying thing is not being able to find a manager or booker. I want to tour so badly but I’m not click-baitable at the moment- and no one will take you seriously as a knight without a squire holding your flag.


MYE:  So you are working with a new label, Dero Arcade…correct? What can you tell us about it? Did you settle on a new album title yet? Also, as a fan of the Actually stuff on Spotify – what made you differentiate the material from what you are doing under the Patriarchy name? Like, do you feel a slight different direction to it or what was your concept? It is a great name to kind of shock people but then in the videos your personas are so intense that you always hold the flame, so to speak. Like, even when you are liked chained to some weird shit or anything going on your work makes sure people know it is about how you are rad and powerful, haha. I love that.


AH- Amazing – love your line “even when you are like chained to some weird shit…” yes! Haha
I am very lucky to have this label Dero Arcade run by Australian Jack Mannix to finally have decided I was worth picking up and lighting a torch for. I was releasing my own stuff as Actually for a while/ went through a lot of boring chauvinistic casting couch shit- blah blah blah.


I was going to give everything up and focus on film after David Bowie died. Long story short- I couldn’t get out of bed for a week after his death – I’m a romantic and D.B. was my childhood Demi-God. Through him I discovered much about art, literature, music, even architecture! In my depression, I wrote a script and filmed my film “The Art of Eating,” with all the money I’d been saving. The soundtrack (including the Cover of the NIN song you mentioned) was going to be my last music release (through Dero Arcade). After I finished shooting “The Art of Eating,” this dude named Andrew Means (from the band 3Teeth) asked if I would like to work on some music with him. We clicked right away and wrote/recorded  5 songs in a week. It was everything I always wanted to make weirdly enough…


Since what we made was so good- we decided I should make a band. At first I wanted to call it “Rape”- trying to find a word which describes the human condition we live in. Everyone said Rape would frighten too many people away so I thought of another word just as frightening – a word that I would like to destroy and yet make my own. We live in a Patriarchy and it won’t be changing for a while- so why not grab it by the balls and fuck it? So that’s what I’m trying to do….  fuck and enjoy the situation I’m in- even if it disrespects and discriminates against me.


Oh, forgot to mention the upcoming album name. It will be called Asking For It  – hopefully slated for a late summer or early Fall release- I’m not sure yet!


MYE:  How was the last show you played? It seems like you have an awesome reputation for memorable performances. I hope I get to see you live someday. Have you always felt like as a performer or actress or director you felt confident being more radical than some people would be prepared, brave enough or willing to be themselves?


AH-Thanks! The last couple of shows were fun of course. I had some heels on that broke when I jumped off the stage to attack some audience members however – and I’m typing this to you with a sprained ankle! Lol!
Like I said before – I have always felt like the same person since childhood- though perhaps I am now less shy in social situations. In The second band I was in out of high school, Hard Place, I started out just playing the keyboard; too afraid to sing in public- until the singer asked me to join him and collaborate. I have learned a lot from other humans, especially those whom have loved and fucked me.


On stage I am a much more aggressive creature.

MYE: Love the ‘Hell Was Full’ video. Seems like you had fun doing that one. The look of it was a little slicker than some of the more B-homage stuff but it still really works for you and visually really popped. Something about it reminded me of The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and Her Lover. How was it befriending all those animals? “Sweet Piece Of Meat” also has a playful pig. I like how that song really switches almost jarringly from this edgy like industrial part with the moans and then the verses are like really danceable almost pop mixed with your unique and memorable voice. Love it. Was one more fun to make than the other?


AH- Thanks so much! Those are the first two videos of Patriarchy and I was definitely focusing on certain mythologies and simplifying my craft somewhat. When I made my video “Predator Romantic,” I found a petting zoo place that would come to a location for a good price for an hour…. “Farm Friendz”- a place for underprivileged animals 😉
And when I had to move to Malibu I found out that their farm was right near where I was living – so I ended up using them and their animals for these last two videos.


“Hell was Full” was shot at the actual farm. For “Sweet Piece”-they brought the piglettes to a location. Both videos are so different- Sweet piece had a large cast and crew while Hell was Full was just me, the cinematographers and the animals….. Both were hugely exciting and enjoyable as all productions are for me. Making videos and films is my way of making my own world/ my own reality- what could be more fun than that?


MYE: Do you want to talk about the fire? How have you been dealing with it? If not no worries and I will chop this question but it is a pretty intense story. Also, were you ever shocked to learn Peter Steele became a real catholic or does it seem like the natural progression of things?


AH- Ahhhahaha love those two questions together . Both for me make sense in the way that they are situations to make us realize that everything really means nothing- but that also means everything. Everything is Nothing – and that’s beautiful.
I feel a bit melancholy/ perhaps a bit morbid. But I don’t feel sad about losing all of my possessions to the California fires just as I don’t feel sad that a cool sexy guy like Peter Steele was just as confused as most other humans…
All that matters is that I enjoyed and also recorded/filmed most of my art and possessions through film (most of it online), and Peter Steele made some cool songs and had that amazing Playgirl shoot with his huge cock, beautiful eyes, lips, long dark hair and hilarious props.


MYE: Loved your newest movie (READERS…watch it HERE).
Some of your work feels like you kind of have moments where you take the piss out of apathy and nihilism. I laughed really hard at the “We went to a library today. It was lit as fuck” part. Do you prefer getting to go t do long form like intense pieces like The Art Of Eating more than videos… where you can really cut loose? I feel like you make the most of whatever you are doing and find ways to do what is invigorating or funny or unexpected anyway. I had to kind of wonder if you were serious about always trying to look how you want to be found if you die so it is iconic. I was like ,”woah.” Lol. Did you always want to make a vampire movie with symbolic parakeets?
AH- Hahahhaha thank you so much! I’m so glad you quoted and enjoyed those lines from my film.  I mention the library as a joke about social media and the fact that most young people might have never even had the chance to experience the wonder of thousands of volumes of written work all around them without any distraction..,, there is something very sacred to wandering about in a library without any algorithms or advertisements dictating where you might find your next inspiration. I am happy about social media and the internet giving access to so much but the idea of a “library” is just so magical and I was sort of referencing the fact that we are experiencing a time in which institutions which only 10 years ago were normal- are now becoming something of a nostalgic fantasy.


As for looking the way you want to be found when you die… I honestly got that line from my mother.
We were joking about how I needed to wax my legs and she said “You can’t let your leg hair grow that long! What if you get in a car accident and you die and you have such hairy legs?!” She really said that! I laughed so hard that I had to jot that down in my notes. That line came from that mixed with my ideals from vampire mythology… especially the film Interview with a Vampire – their hair always grows back to the way it was when they died, so it’s a very serious question for anyone contemplating such a big step. Hahaha.


The parakeets were a detail I wanted to add in honor of my favorite city Los Angeles… the fact that we have these wild parakeets flying around between the palm trees and most normal people don’t even acknowledge them. They are a precious detail that only the wisest of Los Angelinos truly appreciate. I figured it was a good example of a misplaced exotic breed released Into a highly habitable landscape (did they escape from a pet store on fire or did they migrate from a tropical realm?  No one knows). If vampires were real and they ended up in Los Angeles, I feel they would have that same mystique.

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