Interview: Secrets of the Sky – Sailing Black Waters

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Secrets of the Sky is six guys from California making some seriously dark and sludgy metal. If you have not heard of them yet you need to check out their music immediately. You won’t soon get their beautifully dark music out of your head.

These master metal musicians dropped their debut album To Sail Black Waters a week ago via Kolony Records and have just finished ripping across the west coast with In The Silence.

I had the chance to catch up with them over the weekend to talk about the record, touring and how things are going with Kolony Records.

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You all signed to Kolony Records back in May, how’s that going?

It’s been going great. The label have been really supportive and communicative. We have been lucky to sign with a smaller, more boutique label who have taken us as a major priority and given the record a lot of attention… so we couldn’t be happier.

There is such thick atmosphere and amazing musicianship on To Sail Black Waters – what goes into six musicians creating a sound like that without fighting for solos or individual chances to shine, as it were?

Everybody knows their place in it. It’s never been an issue, we always think of the song first and there aren’t egos at play… I think we are lucky because nobody in this band is so selfish as to put themselves in front of the overall concept. But we do shine individually at times, just not in flashy or obnoxious ways. I think we all have the general idea of what we want the songs to sound like and so we contribute accordingly.


Both with Garett’s voice and the instrumentation, this album is so dynamic without feeling cluttered or chaotic, what did it take for you all to strike this brutal and rare balance?

To be honest, we don’t put much thought into it… we let it just happen. If things get too cluttered we simplify, if things are to sparse we add things. We tend to spend a lot of time on our arrangements and we aren’t afraid of space and dynamics. As for vocals, Garett naturally writes for the music and it comes pretty easy for him in terms of timing, almost instinctual. So I guess we have been lucky in that respect.

Garett, how do you pull off that vocal range? Melodic singing, black metal screaming and death metal growls? Do you have any ways you treat your vocal chords to keep them going?

I drink a lot of water, I breathe correctly when I’m singing or screaming. I learned how to breathe correctly through practicing martial arts.garett

You all have been playing west coast dates – how’s that been going and do you have any other tour plans in the near future?

The shows have been really good for the most part. It’s funny, the ones we thought would be packed have been so-so and the ones in out-of-the-way places we weren’t sure about have been big surprises as far as turn out is concerned. Touring on weekdays can be tricky so we appreciate the people who have been coming to check us out. We have been lucky to be able to meet a bunch of cool bands and people. It’s been a blast so far. We do have some plans in the works for more touring in 2014… something a bit more extensive.

Are there any underground and/or local bands that you all would like to give a shout out to?

Before The Eyewall from Columbus, OH – Abstracter from Oakland – Armed For Apocalypse from Chico – Lightsystem from Los Angeles – Beerijuana from San Jose – Lament Cityscape from Oakland… too many really.

Are there any songs you like to cover, either playing live, or that you’d like to record?

Andy – Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin both live and on record

Garett – Poppaea by Theatre Of Tragedy

Clayton – U2, New Years Day

Chris – Pink Floyd, Dogs to record, Sheep live

Ryan – Judas Priest, Stained Class

Lance – Robin Trower, Bridge Of Sighs

For more about Secrets of the Sky, check out the Metal Riot review of their debut album To Sail Black Waters here and make sure to check back with Metal Riot for all your heavy metal news needs.


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