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Hudson Valley hard rockers Silver Spade have a new record called Self Destruct and just last night opened for Lynch Mob in Poughkeepsie, NY.

“Crowd was good. Half full,” said founding member Ed Brandt.“George was cool. They have been on my radar since high school.”

The Silver Spade guys are the kind of working class hard rock band that is rarer these days as people gravitate to lazier pursuits, but make no mistake…rock n roll is here to stay. Like Joan Jett said during her induction speech to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, if a label isn’t putting your record out do it yourself. In the case of Silver Spade, whatever they face they keep their enthusiasm for rock in place. That is as it should be, whether you are listening to Entrails, Eternal Summers or a freakin’ Hinder fan or in a band of your own. Keep the faith! Don’t break the oath, baby.

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Silver Spade have a lot of good originals but also play covers dutifully live. I would never peg you as a cover band, though. It comes off as more of a love for the material when you do a medley or a classic metal song. Not just doing it to perhaps get better pay than a regular gigging band with all original material.

Dave: Agreed. We like to throw in a few occasional covers just to keep it interesting. I think when we pick a cover to learn, we do it because it’s a band that has inspired us in some way. Before I played in bands I used to crank up the stereo, throw in a cassette, and play drums to the bands I loved. Its fun to play a few covers, it keeps things interesting. When I was looking to join a band one of the things I posted in my craigslist ad was that I was looking to play in an original band and not a cover band. When I foundthe guys and we jammed we both were on the same page for when it came to playing shows that we would throw in a few covers with the originals, again to keep things interesting, and it would be the covers we like. I’ve recently said this to the guys that I’m not in this for the money. We do it because we love to play. We are all passionate about making music together.


The new recording Self Destruct is a step forward for Silver Spade in some ways. The EP is very cohesive through all 6 songs. What were you feeling in the studio or how did you tackle this one?


Bob: Well, we didn’t set out to create an album. We didn’t really have a theme or a preconceived idea for the album before we started to write. It was more the other way around. We just wrote the tunes as they came to us, and the idea of the album just happened naturally.But we’re really proud of our output lately. I think our s
I think our songwriting approach is what makes the album so cohesive. We’ve been together for quite some time, and the more we write, the more we try to push ourselves creatively and musically without losing our appeal. 3. How do you feel you compliment each other as a band best, in a team sense?


Ed: I think we’ve been jamming together long enough that we know what the other guys are going to do before they do…I think it’s trust or something…or we just hang out too much and we’ve become predictable to each other. (Laughs…) Seriously though, Dave is a powerhouse and one of the best drummers I know – no shit. Dave and I from day one have been on the same page and when we get into the groove it works – WELL. Bob is one of the best music teachers I know, and makes sure I know exactly what he’s going to play so we sound cohesive – and it works. Rick keeps his melody with the music– and does it awesome. Did that answer your question? Or should I just say that it’s our intense love of trying to make everything sound better…but more realistically, Patron and Jack may have something to do with it…

How has being in the band made you all better friends?

Dave: Well let’s see. I’ve been playing drums for Silver Spade for a little over 2 years andI feel like I’ve known these guys all my life. We all share the same sense of humor and love to laugh at practice. I can’t even begin to count how many times we recite movie lines. I have fun hanging out with the guys outside of the band thing. I look forward to practicing with them and having a good laugh. It’s a very comfortable laid back situation. When we’re jamming I forget about everything else that’s going on, and just enjoy the ride.



Can you talk about “The Man Who Lived A Thousand Lifetimes”? That song from the name alone makes you want to find out more. Title reminds me of The Eternal Champion sci-fi book.

Rick: The title of the song actually came to me first and, like you, it intrigued me so I knew we had to write this song. “Lifetimes” is a different kind of song for us because it actually tells a story. It is a hyperbole for people who are bored with their lives, perceive it as monotonous or pointless, and/or feel like they know everything and that there is nothing left to learn. In the end, that proves to be untrue for the character in the song and it kind of teaches the lesson of be careful what you wish for.

“Whiskey Dancing” seems like it would be the most “made for live” song you guys have written yet! I’ve seen you level a few different bars in my time as a fan! Was that one written like more of a fun but kind of rowdy type song but still with a darker streak? Or is it time to put on the shit kickers and throw back some shots?

Bob: It’s all of the above, man! That tune definitely seems to be a crowd favorite. It’s upbeat and groovy, the guitar solo is very melodic, and it’s about getting piss drunk and screwing someone you won’t ever talk to again. People tend to love shit like that, so that’s kind of what we were going for when we wrote it. But when we play it live, it does get a great response, especially in the bars for obvious reasons. That being said, we’re already ready to throw back some shots!

Cover image is awesome. How’d that come about?

Rick: The cover image stemmed from an idea my wife had. We were talking about the EP and when I told her that we decided to name it self destruct she said you know what would be cool for the cover… If you the cover was someone holding a bomb against theirchest. I loved the idea and when I pitched it to the guys we decided we should definitely use a girl model for it. After making some phone calls for models, our friend Thalia, whom we met at The River Roadhouse (she’s the booking manager there and we play there often), said she wanted to do it. So we got creative and Dave learned how to make fake dynamite (without the NSA knocking on his door, haha). Then we all got together with our resident photographer and very good friend, Ron Scavetta, and came out with some incredibly awesome pics. I took the pictures, did some enhancing, added the text, and there’s our cover art.


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