Interview: Spylacopa – On the anticipated “Demon John” record.

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“Once you begin trying to please people, all of the heart and truth and spirit is gone. It must come from that deep place inside or the listener will see right through you.” John LaMacchia 

Spylacopa and Candiria are kicking out the jams a lot at present, all around more of how avant garde fringe metal scene weirdos who still like hardcore pits AND post rock want things to be in the world. Always a big pleasure to speak to John LaMacchia and especially when the respected scene vet with the enthusiasm of a new blood has a lot boiling on the stove, so

Pre orders are avail at www.spylacopa.bandcamp.com

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Happy New Year, John. What are you looking forward to about this fresh set of twelve months? New Candiria and Spylacopa is on a lot of people’s minds!

Happy new year Morgan. I am definitely excited about all of the music I am working on and putting out this year. It’s been a long time coming for both projects to be functioning in full swing. I feel very fortunate to have so many music fans supporting both Spylacopa and Candiria so I guess I am looking forward just to get things started with the Spylacopa release that comes out Feb 3rd.

How would you describe the direction of the new material? Spylacopa is fun because you literally never know what precisely you are going to get.

The main difference would be the recording process. I did all of the recording myself with the exception of a few parts in a song or two. I recorded everything to a Boss BR1600, 16 track, stand alone, recording unit. A really fun and comfortable process for me for sure. I don’t think people will Notice though. Some of the songs sound bigger and more epic than the last Spylacopa full length in my opinion.

I was pleased with the last record to hear you get more comfortable getting out there and doing some melodic singing yourself. I like that coming back in some heavier music without it having to be in a “mall rock” way. Like Ancient VVisdom, for example. Very doomy and classic heavy metal influences in that band but fun melodic vocals that stick in head. Your singing reminds me a bit of Alice In Chains, which is always a favorite for me. Are you singing again on this record?

Thank you. I am glad you liked the last one. I am pleased with the response and support I received for it. Parallels made a bunch of best of lists and praise from my peers and fans and that’s awesome! Honestly though, if it didn’t, I would still be extremely proud of it anyway. When I am working on an album I Become pretty obsessive about it. I listen to the songs constantly, over and over, day after day from when I begin recording them until the record comes out. If in that time, a song begins to lose some of its potency, It will not make it to the record. As far as the comparison to Layne Staley I guess that’s just the way I sound at times. I don’t mind the comparison because I love that band. I see it as a compliment, so thank you. I am singing on this album as well.


That’s great! What have been some of the things in 2015 that reconfirmed to you the hard work over the years, the sacrifices…that they have been worth it? Obviously the fantastic news of Candiria being on Metal Blade is a highlight. I’d much rather get press releases about you guys than the vast majority of other bands clogging the arteries of rock, haha.I still maintain you guys are the illest live band. 

Thanks man. Absolutely, there has been so much of both hard work and sacrifice in the past year. Especially when it comes to the music that I am putting out in 2016. It is so worth it though. I wouldn’t have it any other way. As far as the metal blade news, I know I can speak for the other guys in the band in saying we could not be happier. Brian Slagel and the staff at the label and out management team have been amazing and so supportive of all of the challenges we have faced so far and now that we have moved past them we are at a great place, playing shows, writing and recording a new album which I cannot believe how great it sounds!

Can you discuss the tracking more?

As I mentioned earlier the majority of the record was recorded at the Rising Pulse Records location which is my apt in Gravesend, Brooklyn, not far from where I grew up. I cannot say exactly what physical formats will be available yet but digitally it will come out on bandcamp first, then all other digital platforms, iTunes, Amazon, google play etc will follow soon after.

Do you feel like you are finally getting into the groove with this project after the success of Parallels via a strong bandcamp response? Some people don’t know it has been around a long time. I want to say I interviewed you about it in 2007! I think that’s accurate cuz Made Out Of Babies was my first Crusher Magazine interview ever when I wrote for that defunct site years ago and Spylacopa was shortly after that! Man, time flies. Fuck. The early stuff was awesome and experimental and then you did the EP with Greg and Julie and Jeff, but there was a long down time after that. Now it is nice to see the project roar back in recent times.

Heck yeah man! I do remember that and I do feel I am finally in a groove with Spylacopa. The project has existed in some form or another for about 15 years now so it is about time! That’s kind of why a new record is coming out so quickly after the last one. I just have a ton of material which is well worth getting out to the fans and friends who want to hear more. Bandcamp has been huge for Spylacopa. I am so pleased how well Parallels and the EP has done on that site so far. I am extremely proud of all of the releases so far and I am so, so grateful for Julie, Jeff and Greg for participating in this project. Man, I am one lucky dude! Those are some serious musicians!! Ha! Sorry, just counting that blessing real quick. Anyway, I hope the fans continue to support the project no matter where I take it. I think they will for the most part and if not fuck it. I don’t care. I am going to put out what feels right and I think the fans of this project wouldn’t have it any other way. Once you begin trying to please people, all of the heart and truth and spirit is gone. It must come from that deep place inside or the listener will see right through you. At least that’s what I believe.

You are someone who led the way, as far as I could tell, in really taking care to do cool packaging on releases on your label Rising Pulse the last decade as cd sales plunged. Trying to make it special for fans. And now you are also doing that in the visual realm with recent music videos. And this time you have a short film in the works? Oh, I guess I should ask what the album is fucking called ! Hahaha.

Thank you man. It’s great that the label is recognized every now and again for being one of the first to do deluxe colored, limited run, vinyl releases at the beginning of the resurgence of the format. There are a bunch of labels that can boast way more than me about it. Hydra Head, Robotic Empire to name a few. But thanks all the same. Rising Pulse has eight years under its belt at this point and the last couple years have been some of the strongest yet. As far as creating in the video / film realm, if I can call it that, I am having a blast working on these video shorts for this and the last album, Parallels. I call them video shorts because they are scripted works, not a band being filmed to the song being played like a typical music video. Their are story lines and plot lines and concepts. Its more like the song becomes the soundtrack for the short. One has already been completed. The concept was created by myself and Video artist, Steve Perlmaster and directed by Steve as well. The second is a more stripped down and lo fi concept and I am in the process of shooting a third. Its been great!

From the horse’s mouth, how awesome was it doing the Afropunk fest last summer for Candiria?

It was a blast! One of the best live experiences ever. The stage was so comfortable and our live drummer Dan brought his A game as usual and performed brilliantly. It’s not an easy task filling Kens shoes but Dan has a level of confidence that most drummers do not possess. He knows his strengths and plays to them and that confidence behind the kit becomes part of the driving force that creates the energy that Candiria is known for.

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