Interview: Sworn Enemy – Sal LaCoCo and the boys stand and deliver

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 5:46 PM (PST)
I’ve been bumping the new Sworn Enemy lately, as anyone who knows me well can attest to. “Stand And Deliver” and the Slayer-core of “No Mercy” are just metallic hardcore boiled down to a venomous essence. The windmill, circle and flying punch pit potential to this shit is unreal! It’s all good. After all, we are all Living on Borrowed Time, as the band remind us on their latest platter of the same name. No mercy, no surrender.


This is hardcore with a real knowledge of the foundations that make heavy metal, crossover and especially street hardcore legit, No trends. No poses. Just making sure the real power of our underground music culture isn’t “Slipping Away”. Thanks to the real warriors who fight this good battle. Some names have changed, but this is still the same Sworn Enemy you can rely on to pack a punch for a bag lunch. Ok, that rhymed but was kind of dorky. Basically, these guys remind you to fight back and not be held down.


“…And never lose focus!”


Click HERE to read a talk with Sal LoCoCo on the new album, no apologies.




Thanks for doing the interview? How are you today? How does it feel to have the new record finished and was this a hard one to write?


Sal: I’m doing pretty good. It feels pretty gratifying to be able say that Sworn Enemy was nearly on the edge of being no more and we have a new record being released may 13th. This one was a little harder than usual as I had new players in the mix. We needed to learn how to work with each other but I think the final product is going to surprise a lot of listeners.


“Do Or Die” has one of the most killer and instantly classic opening sections of any of your records. Did you know that one set the mood you wanted right from the start? Also, any early memory that made you know this was a “Do Or Die” world? That is, incidentally, also the name of my favorite Dropkick Murphy’s album. 


After hearing that track I knew it would be a killer beginning to open the record and the rest of the guys agreed, it has all the elements of a classic Sworn Enemy killer tune. The media makes you well aware that this is a “Do or Die” world. If you were unaware, all you have to do is turn on the news and you can see all the bullshit going on in this world and you’ll get a quick education


What were the seeds in the beggining that led to this new record? That is, did you have a direction in mind or was it just to create more stuff your fans can relate to?


I think it was more of a process of just trying to write the best music we could that is Sworn Enemy. So there wasn’t really a direction just lots of writing and rewriting.


How have the recent gigs with Biohazard been? You guys played with Brick By Brick, who I am a fan of. And my buddies The Standard Assault are an older guy thrash band who opened the Poughkeepsie,NY Loft show and they said the other bands went off! What is your favorite old song to play live?


Biohazard shows were great. Yeah, we always have a blast hanging and playing with those guys as well as Brick by Brick dudes. We will actually be seeing them again on may 9th to play a benefit at Bogies. My personal favorite oldie is “days past”. I love uptempo songs.


Do you feel as fired up as when the band started? What keeps Sworn Enemy still crushing out songs?


I’ve always felt fired up when I reach the stage, so if that answers that question for you ;). We have the drive, I guess its just something inside us that doesn’t let us stop


What are you most looking forward to about BNB Bowl this year in Brooklyn? That shit is growing better and bigger all the time and really seems to represent real hardcore.


I always look forward to playing home town but on a show of this magnitude it makes it even better to get to play in front of all these people and let them see what your made of.


Yeah, man. Sure you will kill it. So…I saw you had a commemoration post for the anniversary of Peter Steele’s death. Joey Ramone’s was the day after. Do you think NYC still has real characters and personalities in the metal scene who are larger than life or really give a shit these days or is it just fighting for the memories at this point? You guys hold up the legacy of the Big Apple well.


You can’t compare or put us in a category of that magnitude, we are nothing compared to some of those greats you mentioned we just do our thing and hope people like it. The before mentioned left legacies that can’t be surpassed in this NY scene whether it be metal, hardcore or punk. i don’t think this scene has the same kind of personalities but we still have our fair share of them left in the scene


Are humans living on borrowed time these days or is that about a particular person? I was just reading about The Game giving the green light on Instagram about a rival rapper! Anybody you guys think deserves to get a hit put on them these days, hahaha? Is that a tasteless question? 


The title has nothing to do with people as a whole. It has more to do with the band but it can be taken in many different contexts. I mean, there are people I can’t stand but wouldn’t want to see them get killed. You can ask any kind of question you like but this one is one kind of question I would refrain from answering.


How does it feel to know fans come back to you because they know you are a reliable band? 


It’s a great feeling and I hope everyone comes back to see once we hit the road in May.


Thanks again for the interview. What do you get more fired up about, live or studio? 


There is no comparison for the live feeling you get when you play in front of an audience and get a sick reaction from them. No problem, happy to do the interview and pass the word May 13th Living on Borrowed Time will be out.

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