Ipsissimus streaming “The Third Secret of Fatima” from upcoming “The Way of Descent”; album tracklisting and artwork revealed

Posted by katstat on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 2:34 PM (PST)

The New Haven, CT based black metallers Ipsissimus have selected the track “The Third Secret of Fatima” as the band’s first single off the band’s Metal Blade Records debut “The Way of Descent,” due out May 24th. The track is streaming exclusively on Stereo Gum’s metal column Haunting the Chapel, just click here to listen.

Drummer Haimatokharmes comments on the track, One of the songs Metal Blade will be promoting for the album is “The Third Secret of Fatima.” We are especially proud of this one on account of its synthesis of blast, melody, ritual drums, all played in the old fashion. Longtime fans know it from our self-released “Fatima EP” and I must say it is the song people usually tell us is their favorite out of the trinity. The lyrics are a collaborative effort (written in English and Coptic), but they are straight old-school Satanism, a blend of blasphemy and devil-worship. Bless!

Ipsissimus also revealed the album art and tracklisting for “The Way of Descent.” Click here to check them both out and to see what Haimatokharmes had to say about the album cover.

Drummer Haimatokharmes on the artwork and layout for “The Way of Descent,” Ipsissiumus is very pleased to present the artwork for our upcoming Metal Blade debut, “The Way of Descent.” The cover, by Brooklyn, NY artist Micki Pellerano features all manner of ritual act, executed by man and beast, conjuring an apparition of the Egyptian fertility goddess Hathor. (Ipsissimus heartily endorses procreation as well as annihilation). I might add that the inlay features a ‘Satanic Seraph’ design, conceived by myself while reading the Niebelungenslied on a train in Rhein-Westphalia, brilliantly executed by artist Michel Jansen, of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (I liked this so much it’s now on my drum head!) Finally, the layout was designed by Alessandra Benedetti, Brooklyn artist, editor of Heartworm Press, and designer of 23 WLVS Press, who did a top-notch job on very little notice in giving the album a dirty yet unified look.

Tracklisting for “The Way of Descent”:

1. The First Secret of Fatima
2. Monakhourgia / The Prince of Tyre
3. The Second Secret of Fatima
4. The Alchemist’s Goatthrone
5. The Third Secret of Fatima
6. Hodos Autapophaseos

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