Islander stream new lyric video “Think It Over” featuring HR

Posted by Morgan Ywain Evans on Friday, July 15, 2016 at 12:18 PM (PST)


Breakout nu hardcore blending band Islander are back with a new lyric video from Power Under Control, their anticipated latest record. This is one of the catchier and most energetic bangers on the record complete with a sort of Faith No More sounding cheer section and a (frankly a little too brief) HR of Bad Brains vocal cameo. Sounds like H did the “Sacred Love” kind of effected telephone thing h’s contributed to a few songs lately , but always cool to hear dude doing new stuff and especially supporting a cool younger band.

I’ve interviewed Islander a few times now and they come off as just super excited and positive dudes who love Zao and P.O.D. in equal measure and want to create their own new twist on some old styles. It reminds me of how Stranger Things on Netflix has the nostagia of Goonies or E.T. or Stephen King but a fresh take, not erasing what came before as if it never happened like Ghostbusters (I have way more problem with that than ANY problem AT ALL with a female cast if they had just said it happened years after the originals instead of making a huge reboot mistake). But yeah, you’ll hear traces of Deftones, Korn or even something like Snapcase at times, but Islander break it off with their own unique flavor on familiar elements. If you loosen up the snobbery you’ll find yourself rocking out in no time.

Anyway, the songwriting on Power Under Control is excellent, whether you are a fan of this kind of rock or not. There are more post hardcore leaning songs like “Bad Guy” and “Green Slime Man” to catchy rock anthems like “Think It Over” to a spaced out and vocally dexterous number like “Beelzebub”.

Mikey Carvajal explains the newest single, the “Think It Over” track, “’Think It Over’ is a rally cry anthem to encourage the youth of today to think about their lives and to make good decisions. We are all born with a type of youthful wildness that if we allow to be tamed, will flourish into harnessed power rather than wasted energy. The idea is to be like a saddled horse instead of a frustrated stallion. To have Power Under Control.”

Click HERE to head to MetalSucks for the premiere.


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