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January wrap-up: The 4 best albums of the month (Morgan)

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 12:54 PM (PST)

So for 2018 my co-hort Jessica and I are gonna try and each give a montly recap of our own 4 fave records each month. Kind of keep you all abreast of what we have been digging as listeners besides our regular news posts and rants and raves. Check out her picks HERE.

Honestly I have mostly been listening to Reputation by Taylor Swift (and trying to help Globelamp and other Swifties get Taylor to fire her problematic asshole music video director Joseph Kahn for his incessant hatred of pit bulls that helps get dogs killed). I have also been rocking the new Andrew WK singles over and over and over to lift my spirits daily, hahaha. BUT the metal I have been digging has been decidedly fearsome.

Check out my top 4 of the month DOWN BELOW.


Number One: Tribulation – Down Below: This record slayyyyys. The dark and majestic power of the band has only increased and their romantic and evil spell drapes over you like a shadowy blanket, repainting the world in dark hues. My favorite song is “Here Be Dragons”, a masterful way to embrace the unknown of the year ahead with grim determination as the world fucking burns.

Number Two: Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross, No Crown: All C.O.C. is excellent but you just can’t fuck with Pepper fronted C.O.C. as they are about as rock n roll as it gets. If you are tired of fake ass shit you just have to put on this record for less than a minute and any one of the tracks will rekindle your fire and belief that there are still lifers out there doing it right! “Wolf Named Crow” rolls along like unstoppable thunder and has some whiskey smooth soloing and tremendous guitar tones that are just downright sexy to my ears. Fucking love these dudes so much. Legends!

Number Three: Pillärs – Abandoned: This little fearsome band from Cleveland are turning major heads with their new offering. Fans of the most gnarly Integrity, Ascend/Descend or any really nasty crust and sludge will flip shit over this. The give nofucks live ferocity you can bet they deliver is captured well, there is a dark blues to the desperate “Nothing Left” that will shock even Eyehategod fans and a general feeling the working class act gave it all they’ve got since life is a fickle fucking shit show. I really respect underground bands that just go for it and find a way to make it work on their own terms and also…DON”T SUCK! Please consider giving this MANY listens of support.

Photo of Lucy by Wane Ballard

Number Four: Primal Rite – Dirge Of Escapism: This new Primal Rite is off the chain, a real pit stater. Fans of Power Trip, Slayer and political punk will all find moments to gush over, like the bloody noses they will likely have gushing already! HAHA, I am not really promoting violence, but damn if this record doesn’t make you want to rage with your cohorts. “Immutable Law” and “Sensory Link To Pain” are prob my fave tracks, completely uncompromising in a way I haven’t been sold on much since the last couple of Pulling Teeth records kicked my ass. This shit rules.

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