John Tardy comments on new material from Obituary

Posted by Metal Dude on Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 8:22 PM (PST)

Metal Underground recently conducted an interview with Obituary frontman John Tardy. He was asked if the band was preparing a new album and his response was,

“Typically, you come out with an album and then go touring. Geez, it seems like since we came out with our last album, the “Darkest Day” record, which is now going on a couple of years or so now, we’ve just been going and going. We did take some time off just several months ago that we’re supposed to be finishing up a new album and having something done by now. It just didn’t get done, and we’re really not in any hurry to finish that. We got a lot done. We have a lot of cool songs that we’re really excited about, but we keep getting pulled away to play more and more shows. We’re gonna go ahead and take advantage of that. We’ll play some shows here. We’ll be back in Europe in December. It probably won’t be until beginning of the year—January or something—we’ll lock our selves in the studio and get this album finished up.”

Obituary’s last studio album Darkest Day came out in 2009 on Candlelight Records. The band is reportedly unsigned.

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