June wrap up: 4 favorite records of the month (Morgan)

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 3:58 PM (PST)

Hey everyone. June has been a completely crazy month but there was a lot of brilliant stuff released. Let’s get right to it and look at my four favorite releases of June 2018 Below.

Gruesome takes top spot for me this month. The cover art for Twisted Prayers is so damn metal and also summarizes the complete disgust I feel for the so called God fearing power hungry fascist monsters trying to turn us into zombies in a new crusades.

#1. GruesomeTwisted Prayers

Death students Gruesome have returned with my top choice for the month, the future iconic Twisted Prayers. While it may not climb as high perhaps as a proper Death album by itself, Twisted Prayers is another killer amalgamate/homage of the legendary band’s Spiritual Healing style with the modern group’s unique traits and even deeper cynical darkness. But it is also fun! “A Waste Of Life” may be dark and deadly but it makes you seriously want to get nuts and the music could stand strong in ANY metal era! Love this band so much. I expect them to be a real safe bet no matter that they dish out to us. “Fate” is my favorite track here, after the dire intro and growling verse it evolves into a total whiplash inducer with red hot leads. Fuck yeah, scorching metal!

#Two – Zeal and ArdorStranger Fruit:

Zeal and Ardor return with perhaps an even bolder statement than previous music hinted at. “We Can’t Be Found” is next level no fucks given deep diving into whatever the heck the (now full) band wants to do. Check out a recent interview we loved doing with Manuel HERE and for God and the Devil’s sake please purchase this and support some groundbreaking important shit. We could use the excitement of this release amidst the negativity of the scene and world right now. Fuck. I am so glad for this record. Bless.

#Three: YobOur Raw Heart:

Yo, it is the new Yob. WTF else can I say? Perfection. Thanks to the spirits dude is still with us. Massive and empowering soul cleansing hymns as usual. Familiar and new like the best rebirth, going down to the depths and the roots before climbing higher than ever before.

Fave track has to be the gorgeous “Beauty In Falling Leaves”. I always like their more chill shit like “Marrow” cuz it is so fucking majestic and sad but comforting. Of course they can do the bombastic also like, say, Neurosis’ Through Silver In Blood compared to The Eye Of Every Storm, but only some can do both convincingly and spiritually from such an authentic space of creation. That said, there are a few moments on here so heavy they will have every quantum mystic grinning ear to ear.

#Four: Kataklysm – Meditations

Finishing my choices this month for the metal I jammed most, Kataklysm returned with a strong album called Meditations. The death metal band are so skilled and ominous, just a wall of heavy variations that are very hard to find fault with. Check out the pummeling Sepultura-esque intro to “Narcissist” to feel your blood temperature rise and stay for the absolute onslaught that follows! We can all use a little rebuttal of narcissism right now and something to play loud to drown out the pain of life and rip the demons out far enough to hopefully throw them away.  Maurizio Iacono is in top form on this album, overthrowing bigger bands this month to claim a spot here. Don’t forget about these guys. They always deliver!

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