Kim Thayil says Soundgarden had “no plans to write a new album”

Posted by Metal Dude on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 6:10 PM (PST)

When Hails & Horns asked Soundgarden guitarist how crucial it was for them to play before getting back into the studio, he stated that King Animal was apparently not intended to be a Soundgarden record. He explains:

“We had no plans to write a new album. The sequence of events was: attending to shared properties, our catalog, not having strong iTunes presences, web site, Facebook, we didn’t even have a MySpace account. Our web site from the ’90s was kind of rudimentary and they had lapsed, there was nobody maintaining them. Friends of ours had kids who were in junior high, who were Soundgarden fans, and they’d go into a record store and there weren’t any Soundgarden shirts or posters, but they could find plenty of Alice in Chains and Nirvana crap. Then there were offers to play live that came in and we had to consider them. Playing live is a totally different aspect of being a band than attending to the partnership side of things. Then we become a performing band by playing shows, but I don’t think you can consider us reunited until we became a creative entity and communicated musically with each other, which led to writing, which led to recording. A lot of bands reunite just so they can play a casino or county fairs, they’re not really reunited; they’re just attending to the entertainment aspect of being in a band. There are some bands that are simply that, entertainers and performers. We are a creative enterprise. Since Day One when Soundgarden started it was me, Hiro, and Chris in a room writing songs. Gradually, over time, we had to emphasize playing live and then the business aspects, the legal and financial and stuff you have to pay attention to, management and record company and all that stuff. So that’s the way the band grew, from creative, to performing to business concerns. Then the band breaks up. Then when we got back together we did things in reverse order.”

King Animal, which surfaced last month, marked Soundgarden’s first studio album since Down on the Upside, released in 1996 on A&M Records. King Animal was released on Universal Republic.

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