Korpiklaani announce details on upcoming album “Manala”

Posted by SeanB on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 8:34 AM (PST)

Finnish folk metal legends Korpiklaani have unveiled the details on their forthcoming album titled Manala. Originally reported to have been titled Kunnia, this will be the band’s 8th studio album and will include both Finnish and English versions of the songs.  It is due out August 3, 2012 under Nuclear Blast.

To read a statement from frontman Jonne Järvelä about the album’s concept click here.

To listen to the first single from the album called “Metsälle” click here.

Jonne Järvelä had this to say about the album’s concept:

“Manala is the realm of the dead – the underworld in Finnish mythology. Tuonela, Tuoni, Manala and Mana are used synonymously. This place is best known for its appearance in the Finnish national epic Kalevala, on which many of our new songs are based. In the 16th poem of Kalevala, Väinämöinen, a shamanistic hero travels to Manala to seek for knowledge about the dead. On the journey he meets the ferrywoman (similar to Charon), a girl, Tuonen tytti, or Tuonen piika (Death’s maid), who takes him across the river of Tuoni. However, on the isle of Tuoni he is not given the spells he was originally looking for and he barely manages to escape the place. After his return he curses anyone trying to enter the place alive.”

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