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Kyuss Lives! responds to lawsuit filed by Josh Homme

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, March 16, 2012 at 10:16 AM (PST)

As many of you know, original Kyuss guitarist Josh Homme file a federal lawsuit against original members John Garcia and Brant Bjork of the second incarnation of the band, “Kyuss Lives!”,  for alleged trademark infringement and consumer fraud.

Homme stated:

“With open arms, we made every attempt to help them continue Kyuss Lives respectfully. Only to discover while they looked us in the eye, Kyuss Lives! management and band had filed federal documents in 2011 in an attempt to steal the name Kyuss.”

Well, Garcia and Bjork have responded to the lawsuit with the following statement:

“We are both shocked and saddened that our friend and one time band mate has chosen to file a lawsuit against us, especially after having positive discussions since our reformation.

“We look forward to resolving this private matter behind closed doors and moving forward with work on our new album and connecting with our amazing, loyal fans.”

Truth be told I am a little torn on this. As a long time Kyuss fan Homme has stated many times in the past that he has/had no intention of reuniting with Kyuss and that he felt that to do so would almost be disrespectful. It also seems that initially he offered his blessing when Kyuss Lives! formed. All this leads me to believe the whole thing is about money and hopefully it can be sorted out before it drags both bands names through the mud.

To read Josh Homme’s 2007 quote about reforming the band click here.

Josh Homme on reforming Kyuss:

“The offers come in all the time. They’re getting more and more expensive, and more and more elaborate. The money is crazy, but I’ve never been tempted – I don’t really care about the money, I never have. That’s not what Kyuss was about, so to punctuate the end of our sentence with that would be blasphemy. Kyuss fans are so fuckin’ rad, they’re fuckin’ badass — but to me, reunions are just not necessary. It’s not what it was, it’s what it is, and Kyuss was a really magical thing — and if you weren’t there, well, you weren’t. That’s just the luck of the draw. I don’t feel the urge to do it for somebody who didn’t have the opportunity to see us, or just didn’t take the opportunity to see us. I’ll let other bands alter their great legacies. Kyuss has such a great history that it would be a total error. I like that nobody saw Kyuss, and that it was largely misunderstood. That sounds like a legend forming to me. I’m too proud of it to rub my dick on it.”

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