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Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 2:20 PM (PST)


Labels come and go but the best uphold a unique voice within the underground. We Are Triumphant are such a label, a DIY-founded endeavor that has grown to gain Victory distro, more national tours and releases every year and a heightened presence in the punk and metalcore scene. The label is not so much something for everyone as it is just good bands who have a certain drive and energy you have to take notice of. Greg from WAT gives us the scoop on life in the elephant herd.

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How did We Are Triumphant start? I love the positive name and enthusiasm of the label. Feels like i keep seeing that elephant everywhere!

Roughly in 2010 I was managing a few bands at the time. I wanted to create a platform for them so I could showcase my roster.

From Cordova to Traitors to Wander, you have has some great releases and bands cross your door. How do you know an artist is the proper fit? What do you look for?

As selfish as it sounds, I just go after what I enjoy. If I genuinely like something I feel like others will too.


How did you get into hardcore, punk and/or metal? People love to hear about that stuff.

I want to say around 4th grade my sisters Boyfriend turned me on to Rob Zombie, KoRn, and Ozzy. From there I did my own digging.

Neck Deep have really gotten some die hard fans. Any other bands you are really pleased to have seen get some traction in the scene?

Black Tongue has been talked about as one of the fastest rising metal bands from Europe. Very happy with how they have grown since their first release with us. More recently Traitors has done really well catching momentum.

How good does it feel when a new release is finished?

It’s exciting just to get the music out to the public. Often we are jamming the release months prior to it being out there and we can’t wait to share it with people.

How big is the WAT team? How much time does this take up? I feel like you guys prove the Boston spirit is still alive for this kind of music.

It’s just me.


How did the Victory Records/Sony Red distro get lined up? That’s huge.

One day I decided to shoot Victory an e-mail looking to team up. The next day I had an e-mail of my own in my inbox.

What keeps you doing this all the time?

As cliche as it sounds, I love music. It’s a big part of my life and I always wanted to take that passion and turn it into a means to survive.


Any upcoming hotness you want to plug?

Continent’s EP is massive, so is Enterprise Earth’s. The new album from Wander is INCREDIBLE. Just keep checking in with us. We always got the best the underground has to offer.


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