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Maroon announce the departure of two members

Posted by jessepac on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 1:18 PM (PST)

MaroonMaroon announced their addition to the Imperial Progression Festival last month, but now have a subtraction to announce: drummer Nick Wachsmuth and guitarist Sebastian Rieche. Both members left the band a week before the big show, and the band is not pulling any punches when describing what happened:

“No news from Maroon camp for a long time and this had a reason. Nick and Richtor decided to leave the band, so it’s us 3 again who are in it since the beginning. The problem was, that they told us that they’ll leave one week after we confirmed the show in Leipzig, so we didn’t know if we could play this concert! We are disappointed that things turned out this way and that Nick and Riechtor could not be so brave and play this one show with us and just leave us with a lot of trouble! We always thought that this was it, that this was the Maroon gang that would go through all the hard times together without getting damaged! But you never really know how people are until they stab you in the back! So they went on to whatever and we were left behind with no idea how to play this show in May!”

Luckily, the band did continue to confirm that they will be playing in Leipzig, with the help of two new members:

“But now we can tell you that we will definitely play this show on May, 7th in Leipzig. We did two rehearsals with our friend Steven on guitar (he already did help us out in the past) and with Max on drums and it felt great! They both work really hard for Maroon and this show and we really appreciate this a lot! So, come and give them a warm applause on May, 7th in Leipzig!”

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