Massacre Records sign Furor Gallico

Posted by Ehrila on Friday, June 10, 2011 at 11:51 AM (PST)

Italys folk metal act Furor Gallico recently signed with Massacre Records. The band have recorded a self-titled debut album, and it will be released on July 29th.

The label comments on the band:

“Furor Gallico is the description that the ancient Romans gave the Celt warriors, who prepared for battle and were ready to die to defend their people and land. Furor Gallico are the bards that bring the ancient legends of the Celtic world to life again with their folk metal! Their music features metal riffs with powerful growl and scream vocals that blend in with the melodic folk melodies of the violin, flutes, Celtic harp and bouzouki (a Greek lute).”

Click here to see the track list.


Venti Di Imbolc

Ancient Rites


The Gods Have Returned

Golden Spiral


Miracolous Child


Bright Eyes

La Caccia Morta


The Glorious Dawn

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