Massacre signs with Century Media

Posted by tyrusrunyan on Friday, March 23, 2012 at 10:43 AM (PST)

The newly reunited Tampa death metal staple Massacre have signed to Century Media. After a short hiatus, another short hiatus, a long hiatus and yet another short hiatus Massacre has risen again from the ashes with founders Rick Rozz on guitar and Terry Butler on bass. Rick Rozz has the following to say:

“I am overwhelmed, and overly flattered, for this great honor in this day & age, of being part of the Century Media Family. I remember touring with Robert Kampf and his band Despair back in the late 1980s, on tour with Death, when he was first starting CM…and now we are on the same team 25 years later. After so many years gone by it is great to be working with Terry again and our former Death manager Eric Greif, as well as getting to write and record with Ed Webb & Mike Mazzonetto. This whole thing came together on the fly, after 17 years in the waiting. Way cool…if you ask me, nothing but respect!”

And if that’s not enough for you Terry Butler says:

“It’s a great honor to be part of the Century Media Family and for me personally to be working with Rick again! We have found the perfect band members in Ed and Mike to solidify the line-up. We are very excited and focused to get a new album out in 2012.”

And if THAT’s not enough for you:

Ola Lindgren of Grave: “I’m very excited to hear that CM inked a deal with my old time friends in MASSACRE. They are one of the originators of the scene, the ‘From Beyond’ album kicks ass and it’s very cool to now have them as label-mates. GRAVE toured both the US and Europe with them back in ’91-’92 and they surely were memorable tours. We also had the pleasure to have Mr. Butler in our crew on our latest US tour and he made sure to supply the metal and just being an amazing bro!”

Marc Grewe of Insidious Disease and Morgoth: “I first met Rick and Terry in March 1989 when Death played their first ever show on German soil. I would have never imagined back then sitting in a tour bus with them only two years later, but this time with DM-Heroes MASSACRE on the legendary Morgoth/Massacre/Immolation Tour back in 1991. It was just great to hear from Rick that there will be a ‘Back From Beyond’ 20 years thing this year. And I’m highly excited to see those guys back after more than 20 years! Welcome Back True Brothers in Blood!!!”

Michael Amott of Arch Enemy: “Massacre was one of the bands that I worshipped when I first got into the Death Metal underground scene back in the days. Their astonishingly brutal demos and live tapes encapsulated everything that I loved about the genre. Looking forward to see what damage they can do now!”

If you can read the name Death that many times in an article and not be moved you are a cold man my friend.

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  1. kagedrummer
    KageDrummer3/23/2012 12:52 PM | Permalink

    Hell yes! I can’t wait!

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