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Hometown: Atlanta, GEORGIA Current Label: Reprise Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Troy Sanders – bass, vocals
Brent Hinds – guitar, vocals
Bill Kelliher – guitar
Brann Dailor – drums

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MASTODON Since forming in 2000, Atlanta's Mastodon has essentially lived on the road. After non-stop touring the band, Brann Dailor, Bill Kelliher, Troy Sanders and Brent Hinds decided to record a demo, which would ultimately be released in a shortened EP form on Relapse Records as Lifeblood. The success of the EP spurned more touring, and even greater success. Their first full-length album Remission, followed in 2002. True to form another round of touring ensued and then Leviathan an album critics were quick to embrace. But it's with the band's legion of fans that they have really delivered. Mastodon's "blue collar" touring ethic has earned them constant accolades from fans that have grown accustomed to their accessibility, approachability and dedication as a working mans band. Rare is the artist who achieves that critical balance coupled with the level of fan support Mastodon has attained. Blood Mountain was released in September of 2006 to critical acclaim and grammy nominated.

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