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MaYaN post “Quarterpast” track-by-track commentary part 2 of 3

Posted by Ehrila on Friday, July 8, 2011 at 10:29 AM (PST)

Dutch symphonic death metallers MaYaN offer some insight into the tracks that comprise the band’s debut album, “Quarterpast,” set for North American release on July 12th via Nuclear Blast.

Check out part 2 of the track-by-track commentary here.

Track 05 | The Savage Massacre (In the eyes of the law: Pizzo)

“Ariën [van Weesenbeek, MAYAN & EPICA drummer] was drenched after recording this one! He had no time to practice; he only listened to the pre-production in the studio and nailed it in no time! Laura [Macrì], the opera talent from Italy, has a big role in this song with her Italian lyrics. It’s a heavy song with a atmospherical mid-part.”

Track 06 | Essenza Di Te

“Just pressed ‘record’ and let Jack [Driessen, MAYAN keyboard player] play something spontaneously, then let [guest vocalist] Laura [Macrì] do her thing. This is what happened in the end. The demo version was called ‘Perfume.’ Check out the movie [], as it inspired us for this song.”

Track 07 | Bite The Bullet

“Only now did Frank’s guitar need a new set of strings. Used two sets for the whole album, didn’t need more. About 30 picks were used in total, though. This is the song where [guest vocalist] Henning [Basse of SONS OF SEASONS] shines. We call it, therefore ‘The Henning Song’ as well. He shows in this song what he’s able to do with his voice: raw parts, soft parts and choir harmonies.”

Track 08 | Drown The Demon

“First studio song ever on which Floor Jansen [REVAMP, ex-AFTER FOREVER] and Simone Simons [of EPICA] sing together! [Drummer] Ariën’s voice got put after the song, recorded as a joke, but we decided to keep it. Sorry Ariën!”

Part 1 of the commentary can be found here.

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