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Posted by jessepac on Friday, June 17, 2011 at 11:30 AM (PST)

Anvil CoverSome of the best music from the world of metal has influenced some of the best movies ever made. From the classics to the most brutal new additions in the metal cinematic pantheon, Metal Riot is here to suggest some of the best movies that feature metal, are about metal musicians, or feature a metal moment. Going beyond just the soundtrack, we hope to show you selections from the metal movie library that every metal fan needs to see. Metalheads love movies too, so let’s take a look at some Metal Movie Moments!

Another documentary for the metalheads in the audience, this time focusing on a band that never lost it’s edge. Sometimes certain bands survive the test of time and become huge, and sometimes they end up almost where they started. The following story is one of redemption, dedication, and metal, above all else. Click here to check it out!

While their isn’t an expiration date inherent in heavy music, over 50 would seem to be an acceptable cut-off point. Well, if your name is Robb Reiner and you are in the band Anvil, you probably think that’s dogshit. After influencing a generation of metal bands, releasing a dozen albums, and playing the music they’ve loved since childhood all around the world, the boys of Anvil are not ready to punch out anytime soon. Sadly, the world is a pretty cruel place when you don’t look a certain way or fit the youthful mold that the record industry and general public are yearning for.

Check out the trailer:


I don’t have a “Most Metal Moment” for this film, as working a full-time job in between gigs and scraping together change and sleeping bags in order to go on tour is in no way metal. However, the band’s dedication to their craft and attempt to fulfill the dreams of a 13-year old headbanger is something any reader of this site and every metal fan around the world should be able to understand. If anything, this film is filled with Unmetal moments that would feel right at home in a Spinal Tap sequel:

– Not being paid after a gig

– Playing in front of three people

– Missing their train to the next gig

It’s hilarious, it’s heart-warming, and it’s ultimately the most realistic look at the dedication and sacrifice you make to follow your dreams, and how in the world of metal it can be a fickle thing. Give it to your friends that aren’t into metal and watch how quickly they identify with this band.

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  1. ehrila
    Ehrila6/17/2011 3:51 PM | Permalink

    This documentary is awesome. After seeing it Anvil always brings a smile to my face. 🙂

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