Metal Riot’s 50 Best of 2017

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 3:11 PM (PST)

2017 managed to be even more exhausting and painful than 2016, for the most part. I hate to sound so negative (despite writing for a metal blog), but it is the truth. Thankfully we had so much good music to help save us from extinction. While we lost many more great artists this year to the great beyond, this list alone is a reminder that a lot of kick ass bands are just hitting their stride. Rock n’ roll is in safe hands as long as acts like these take the time to remain so invested in their art. Yes, even Gwar (hahaha).

While in the past we have often had lengthy descriptions for each album that made our rather amorphic year end lists, this year (album of the year excluded), we listed the artist name and the album cover. It is less about being lazy than encouraging you to discover some of this music for yourself. Live in it a little or discover something new without preconceptions other than the recommendation (though let’s get real, if you are reading Metal Riot you prob stay attuned to the goings ons of many an obscure or well known band anyhow). But yeah, we wrote about it all year long, after all…let’s experience it together. Smack the tambourine together and slit our wrists and twist and shout and all that crap.

Suffice to say, it is awesome to see a wide variety of sub genres, related branches and different types of people represented. We hope you feel the same. You BETTER feel the same when it comes to the awesomeness of having several antifascist black metal bands on our list. And anybody who wants to complain about Limp Wrist beating out some more “metal” acts hasn’t heard how intense, timely and passionate Facades is.

From Life Of Agony‘s explosive comeback supporting Mina Caputo to Woe‘s scorching “No Blood Has Honor” (and the album that houses it) to the hits you in the gut critically acclaimed Zeal and Ardor record to Bell Witch‘s engulfing latest opus to Kreator breaking the sound barrier to Wage War even proving there is still some life in Metalcore, you’ll find quite a lot to digest here and revisit or look up if you already haven’t heard or purchased these babies.

Thanks to all our staff writers who participated. June, Tyrus, Andrew , Jessica and… myselves.

Anyway, there will be some random posts here and there before the end of 2017 on Metal Riot, but I am scaling back the next few weeks to deal with some very important family stuff, start the next stage of my transition mindfully, brace for the holidays and to both help assist with the next Globelamp album AND work on an EP I am doing as Walking Bombs in collaboration with the noise project Gridfailure. Thanks for everyone who gives a shit! I’m extra stoked on a lot of the records this year as well as the piece we got to run on the Warzone NYHC tribute.



  1. King Woman – 2017’s Album of the year-  Created In The Image Of Suffering.  King Woman’s RELAPSE debut nabs the top spot this year for many reasons. It channels the horror and pain of our times perfectly but doesn’t give up, the band feel like they are urgently exorcising all their demons, the songs kick ass and…well, the “Deny” video clinched it. I was working towards transitioning more and letting people know and this video was one of the factors that def made me say ,”Fuck this. I want to be happier.” But yeah…talk about summing up the toxic nature of fear as faith as control in just a few minutes, and with a blissfully doomy, comforting and yet alienating, massive sound. Kristina Esfandiari and the band will hopefully keep gifting us their powerful self-awakening doom vibrations for many albums to come. – Morgan Ywain Evans

FYI this is on here cuz we went by the Bandcamp release date and it came out after our list was already released last year, so we just went with it being in our last 12 months since we are likely stoned and super love it. Thanks Michael Pimentel and Jay Gambit for pointing out, though. \m/

2. Zeal and Ardor

3. Life Of Agony

4. Woe

5. Cormorant

6. Memoriam

7. Pillorian


8. Power Trip

9. Unleash The Archers

10. Crystal Fairy

11. The Black Dahlia Murder


12. Bell Witch

13. Extremity

14. Couch Slut

15. Alunah


16. Junius

17. Kreator


18. Limp Wrist

19. Expulsion


20. Ides Of Gemini


21. Cannibal Corpse

22. Converge

23. Gold

24. Chelsea Wolfe

25. Hallatar

26. Sabbath Assembly

27. Yellow Eyes

28. Venom Inc.

29. Lapis Exilis

30. Poison Blood

31. Sepultura

32. Gwar

33. Prophets Of Rage

34. Exhumed

35. Stone Sour

36. Dawn Ray’d

37. Morbid Angel

38. Pallbearer

39. Primitive Race

40. Ex Deo


41. Dreadlords

42. Electric Wizard

43. Body Count

44. Cavernlight

45. Wolves In The Throne Room

46. Grave Digger

47. First Blood

48. Warbringer


49. Blaze Bayley


50. Wage War



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