Metallica “Lords of Summer” demo released, now please remix “St. Anger”

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 3:24 PM (PST)


Metallica did something very cool last week and released a gnarly demo version of the “Lords of Summer” track they have been playing live. This dirty sounding demo version is pretty cool. I don’t know why people gave them grief for playing longer songs again on St. Anger and Death Magnetic. My fave Metallica album is …And Justice For All. Despite what any purists think, The Black Album is the album where the band best combined all the elements of what they ever were and would be, both hard, metal AND commercial. That said, longer Metallica songs just end up meaning you can bang your head longer. I would rather listen to LuLu than one more fucking ukelele Mumford band! And did you see them play Antarctica? They killed it!

I’m sick of the whole “Metallica sucks now” bullshit hand wringing. Even their more commercial stuff like “Hero Of The Day” is still better than the bullshit pop hard rock we get nowadays, if we even get any. Was it really that mainstream of them to put Marianne Faithful on “The Memory Remains”? I don’t think so. That shit was cool! People should be happy the band are trying to keep metal AND alternative/hard rock alive. You may have noticed not many bands can actually make money these day.

My one actual gripe is this: Please remix and add solos to St. Anger. Iced Earth re-tracked a bunch of old vocals when Matt Barlow rejoined the band around the time of Crucible Of Man. It is 2014 and you can do whatever you want. I wish Metallica would accept that fans hate the snare sound and most people wish those songs had solos. Let Kirk add some leads on an off night from reading Horror comics and re-release it, even just online. I am sure many fans would be happy as St. Anger actually has MANY GREAT RIFFS! It would certainly help balance the band’s catalog better.

Anyway, HERE is the tasty “Lords of Summer” demo.


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