Mid-Month Metal Ice Melters: Diablo Blvd., The Gathering, Hawk Eyes

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 5:10 PM (PST)


So, some good metal and rock world video clips for you this weekend. The bands are all different but all are brimming with talent and drive.

Click HERE for some live, interview and music vid clips from three acts who are on fire right now.





Hawk Eyes from Leeds are an exciting band full of majestic depths and muscular riffs. Their new clip is full of drowned anxieties and existential light and dark moments. This clip just has something about it, a real mood you can’t shake.


The Gathering are metal and alt rock heroes (though not as beloved as they ought to be, IMO). Anneke re-uniting with the band live for a 25th anniversary special event was epic and I only just found out about it thanks to the folks at BraveWords. Anneke seriously sounds fuckin’ even better in this live fan crowd clip than on the studio version of the song! She is amazing. Such pipes.



Diablo Blvd. from Belgium won my heart when they did a Preacher themed song whist opening for Life Of Agony in NJ recently. I thought the band’s big, dark hooky rock grooves were fun as fuck and reminiscent of The Misfits meets The Cult meets Dommin/Volbeat or some such bad-assedness. Just bad ass unabashed dark rock stuff. The group’s new album Follow The Deadlights is killer (“Rise Like Lions” seriously slams) and I thought I’d post a little mini interview from awhile back for anyone who doesn’t know them yet.


More News On The Gathering :

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