Minushuman release music video for “The Way We Died”

Posted by Michelle on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 9:12 PM (PST)

Ahead of their sophomore album “Bloodthrone” being released in August the thrash metal band Minushuman have released the music video for the first single off the album “The Day We Died.” Check it out here.

The band have once again joined forces with directors Batiste Combret and Alain Chasseuil and actor Anton Miossec to film the clip.

Guitarist Thomas Billerey states: “When we first discussed about making a new video, it was clear for me that we had to work again with our friends Batiste Combret, Alain Chasseuil and Anton Miossec, who did an amazing job for the “Liquid” video. As we were heading for the song “The Day We Died”, Batiste and I had this idea of a man lost in the middle of nowhere, breathless, hunted, trying to find his way in a desert environment. Anton did kind of a schizophrenic performance. I deeply enjoy the final cut and the whole feeling that emerges from it, its urgency.”

“Bloodthrone” is set for release on August 19 in Europe and August 23 in the States.


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