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Miseration speak on member changes and future of the band

Posted by katstat on Monday, May 30, 2011 at 1:20 PM (PST)

Swedish death metallers Miseration have seen many changes to the foundation of the band lately. After a brief period of silence, the members posted a lengthy blog detailing the updates to Miseration and what fans can expect to see coming up in their future, including a new video for the song “Dreamdecipher” to be shot next week as well some words on their third full-length upcoming release via Lifeforce Records. Click here to read everything the band had to say.

Sorry for being somewhat absent guys, news-wise and so on. Lately we’ve gone through some upheavals of rather large proportions, which is why we’ve deliberately chosen to let silence speak. However, as from today, you can consider this silence a thing of the past!

So…what’s new then…well…for starters, we’re no longer a quintet. The last couple of months have been eventful to say the least, documenting several line-up changes, among other things. We’d like to start explaining, by saying welcome back to our good friend Jani Stefanovic. Confused? Well, here follows a statement from Jani himself:

“Hello everyone!

A short input from my part. As you all have noticed I am back in business again and this feels extremely good. I am so happy that the rest of the guys gave me the benefit of a doubt to come back although I decided to leave awhile ago.

To briefly explain why I left: I was simply in a place in life where I needed to focus on other things, which did not include Miseration. And rather to hold back the band I decided to leave, so that they could carry on without me holding them back from any future plans they had. I was unemployed at that time and had been that for quite some time, which just ate me up. Coming out from a really bad life situation, in every aspect, I needed to recharge my batteries. My life is just great now, being married to a wonderful girl and having a great steady day-time job. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy.

However, during this off-period from the band, I never stopped having contact with Christian, since we are good friends outside our bands as well. So there were no hard feelings whatsoever when I left. Needless to say, as my life situation got better, my hunger for music grew strong again and I started to regret my decisions, cause I assumed that I would never be able to rejoin. But life is smiling at me right now and things turned out pretty good from my point of view. I was a part of creating Miseration, so it has a very special place in my heart. I am really excited to be back and I am so glad the band decided that they wanted me back. It warms my heart endlessly. I think we have a strong unit, with a lot of potential and so I am ready to strike at full force again. Hope to see you all out there soon.

Cheers people!

Sincerely Jani Stefanovic”

To make a long story short, being our long-time friend and a very big part of the spirit that is and was Miseration, we decided, after some soul-searching discussions within the band, to welcome our brother back and it feels great to have him rejoining the Miseration camp again; as a friend, co-musician and song-contributer. Some bonds are simply not meant to be broken!

At the same time, it’s sad to see our latest addition to the family – Tobias Alpadie – leaving us. We’re sorry we couldn’t find a way to solve this complicated matter, having it being equally favourable to all parties invloved, but sometimes you just have to try to make the best out of things. However, we’d like to point out that there are no hard feelings involved here, whatsoever. The understanding is mutual and if anything, we’re all sad it had to come to this. Then again, in all fairness, we never really got around resuming our work with Miseration – not after Jani’s departure, nor after Tobias joining – due to conflicting band-schedules and whatnot. It might be a poor consolation, but hopefully it can at least work as a way of understanding the grounds on which we are parting ways, a bit better. Anyhow, we’d like to wish Tobias the best of luck in the future, personally, as well as with his other bands (Jesaiah, Insision, to name a couple). May the force be with you bro!

Now, lets move on to the next change in line-up, shall we! Due to personal reasons, Johan Ylenstrand has decided to throw in the towel. Here follows a statement, in regard of this, from Johan himself:


My journey in Miseration has come to an end. I have decided to leave the band. My life has gone through some big changes the past year. So when the band is heading back into the studio I feel like I don’t have the time, nor the motivation to follow them.

I would like to thank the rest of the guys for the past years. It’s been fun and I’m proud of what we have accomplished. I’m sure the new record is going to kick some serious ass!

I’m still going to be a part of the music-scene with my other bands.

See you!


Being the friendliest of split-up’s, we’re all extremely sad to see our very good friend and bassplayer go, being the heartfelt and kind guy that he is (you will be missed dearly bro)! However, we totally understand and respect his reasons for leaving. Having children means incuring a heavy responsibility, which most certainly put new perspectives on life. The time-aspect being one of many factors concerned, that has to be taken into account, in a whole new way. Especially when you, like in Johan’s case, have a fully occupied schedule already as it is. To quote Brutal Truth – “extreme conditions demand extreme responses”!

With this said, we would like to wish Johan and his family all the best of luck in life, with everything. Music-wise, leaving Miseration does not mean you have heard that last of Johan though. You will still be able to follow him and his musical escapades through his other bands (Exhale, Inevitable End, to name a couple). Your time in the band will not be forgotten bro!

In honour of Jani rejoining the band and Johan and Tobias leaving, we will shoot a video for the song “Dreamdecipher”, in one week from now. The way we see it, this video will mark the end of something great and the start of something even greater! However, due to reasons beyond our control, Rolf Pilve will not be able to participate shooting this video. Luckily our friend Gustav Elowson (of Exhale) has accepted to fill in, temporarily, for Rolf. The video will be done by Marcus Rytilahti of E&S Filmproduktion.

As for the coming, third album to be, we are in the midst of writing and pre-producing the whole thing, as you read this and we’re aiming at having the entire thing completed in time for a late fall/early winter release, once again through Lifeforce Records. The new album will be recorded as a four-piece, with Jani and Marcus handling all bass-guitar duties.

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