Monte Pittman releases three freakin’ videos for binge watchers

Posted by Morgan Y Evans - Walking Bombs on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 2:12 PM (PST)


Binge watching is a trend some credit to the entertaining Netflix program House of Cards release of a full season at once. It is in fact an old tradition that finds roots in Twilight Zone New Years Eve marathons, Sports channel subscriptions, Grateful Dead fans following Jerry and pals around the country on tour and even late night I Love Lucy re-runs and a bucket of ice cream, quite a grand tradition in many social circles. Now, Monte Pittman, axe-man extraordinaire for such bands as Prong and Madonna,  has joined in the binge watching bacchanal. The awesome guitar force (soon to be seen live on tour with Ministry for some of their From Beer To Eternity supporting treks) has 3 fuckin’ new videos out! Shit yeah!

One year ago today Monte released The Power Of 3 album of his own songs. To celebrate the anniversary, three new music videos have been released! “Delusions of Grandeur,” “Away from Here,” and “Missing,” are online now in the youtube playlist HERE. “Delusions of Grandeur” was shot at the end of 2014 with bassist Max Whipple and drummer Scott Fuller with director Vince Edwards. “Away from Here” was shot by Brad Jurjens and AJ Satsangi, and “Missing” was shot live at the Whisky a Go Go by Brad Jurjens and Ian Shea. The tunes are thrashy, powerful and charge forth like metallic metal horses.

I love Monte. And now I’m gonna talk Prong for a sec. While classic Raven-era rules, Monte’s time in Prong is still among my favorites…And I love the new post-Monte Prong line up with my old Woodstock/L.A. friend Jason Christopher (New Dead Radio, Slimy Penis Breath, Black President, Stone Sour) as well. Monte is more on his own trip and a band leader or lead guitarist type, whereas Jason is the perfect support man on bass to keep Tommy Victor inspired and amped up. Trust me.

Tangent…I tuned in to Metal Sucks podcast they other day cuz they had Jean Paul from Clutch on who is one of my very favorite drummers. They also were discussing Prong. Metal Sucks got it wrong the other day when they said Prong have maybe run out of ideas and so are doing a covers record. That bummed me out. Yeah, they picked Bad Brains, Husker Du, Black Flag and more for the up coming Songs From The Black Hole. Jason is old friends with Dr. Know and Daryl J. of Bad Brains from the Upstate, NY scene with me, the Coheed and Three guys and my old band mates in Divest . Tommy Victor showing Husker Du and other influences stems from Victor’s  CBGB’s days and love of many styles, I’d wager. This has always made Prong’s odd alternative chords and ferocious guitar parts miles above the majority of the pack and why Nirvana should’ve not teased Jason Everman for liking Prong. And the last two Prong records and live album slew ( especially Carved Into Stone) and the Pittman-era Power Of The Damager RULES!

Anyway, Monte Pittman is a class dude and his own stuff reflects a wide ranging musical palette. So check out these Monte babies and keep watchin’ til your eyeballs fall out and land on a fork.


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