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luicidalI recently conducted an interview with former Suicidal Tendencies bassist Louiche Mayorga (pictured in the far right), who has resurfaced in a new band called Luicidal, which features his former S.T. bandmate R.J. Herrera on drums and chiefly performs songs by the legendary skate punk band. Luicidal, who has been together for almost a year, recently wrapped up a successful West Coast tour and has been working on an album, which we may not expect too soon.

In the interview, Lou and I talked about the history of Luicidal, the band’s upcoming debut album, his career in Suicidal Tendencies and the 30th anniversary of their iconic self-titled debut album. We also talked about Luicidal jamming with with Bob Heathcote, who replaced Lou just prior to the recording of the How Will I Laugh Tomorrow album, and what he had been up to in over the last 25 years since he left Suicidal.

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Tell me about Luicidal. I know the band features you on bass, Mando Ochoa on vocals, Ricky Reynaga on guitar, and your former Suicidal Tendencies bandmate R.J. Herrera on drums. What inspired you to put the band together?

A lot of things inspired me to do this, it’s been years since I’ve played my music with S.T. and when I was outta the band, I stopped listening to all my music, Suicidal music, ‘cuz it just hurt too much, you know, and a couple of decades, I’m working with Fishbone as a stage hand, and I’m getting recognized and signing autographs and even the “great Fishbone” were playing “Institutionalized” with Rocky George on guitar, my song, a song that I wrote. I was deeply honored. I was starting to miss, “being on the stage as an artist”.

And how long has Luicidal been around?

Luicidal has been around since May-June of 2012.

You guys recently played some shows in Oregon and California, and I heard that at one of the shows, you shared a stage with Bob Heathcote, who replaced you in Suicidal Tendencies back in 1988, and his son Chris was there. What was it like seeing Bob again? This was the first time you’ve met his son, right?

Yeah, you know, I think it was the first time I officially met Bob and his son, it was cool to have them at the show, and jam. I look forward to many more jams.

Cool! So, Luicidal is apparently not a cover band. Let’s talk about that CD you guys have been working on. How’s it coming along and when can we expect it to be released?

Well, the new CD won’t be out for a while. We’re arranging right now and putting everything together, hooks riffs, etc. The music’s gonna be badass like the 80’s style Suicidal music.

Even though you had been in S.T. for more than five years, you only played on two records (or three if I were to count the Welcome to Venice EP), which are the self-titled record and Join the Army. What was it like being in the band?

Yeah, I also wrote big tracks for How Will I Laugh like “Pledge your Allegiance”, “Suicyco Mania”, “Hearing Voices”, “Trip at the Brain”, and “Surf n’ Slam”.


And as far as being in the band in the 80’s, it was some of the funnest times in my life.

That’s awesome. So, 2013 is the 30th anniversary of the first S.T. record, of which many well-known punk or metal musicians ― including Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, The Offspring, NOFX and even later members of Suicidal Tendencies ― have cited as an influence or simply the “best punk record” ever. What are your thoughts on this anniversary? What was it like making the record?

Yeah, I’m proud of that, especially “Institutionalized” put us way beyond our expectations, and can’t believe how far it’s gone. I’m super proud and sometimes can’t believe it, especially with all the other huge bands like Metallica, Anthrax, NOFX, Offspring, that recognized the “first Suicidal album”. Yeah, I live in Venice, California just a lil’ story from my hood I got invited to a friends “lil’ party” off of 5th and Brooks from my friend Mike Oblowits who was a “surf directer” and he said “Hey Louiche, I’m having a lil’ party later today, come over I want you to meet somebody”, and “I was like alright then”, so I was running around the hood taking care of business and stopped by 5th and Brooks, and walked in to about 5 hot models, and this short dude that had his back to me. When he turned around to be introduced to me, I really didn’t recognize him, and Mike came up said meet “Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden” and I was like “what’s up?” and he said “we’re in Sui town, huh?” and I was like “something like that”. Ah, man, I was honored. I just stayed for a few minutes ‘cuz I was running around. I think about it now, I wish I woulda stayed and hung out, sheesh!

Have you been in contact with any other member of S.T. besides R.J. Herrera and Bob Heathcote?

Yeah, I talk to Rocky, Amery, Grant, Mike Clark, Jon Nelson, Rick Battson. Yeah, we’re cool. (laughing)

Nice, man! For over 20 years, after you left S.T. and before you started Luicidal, what have you been up to besides being in the music industry? I would imagine you’ve been married and have kids now.

I’ve never been married, I think these woman are fed up with me. (laughing) I have a 19 year old son Lil’ Louie, and a 7 year ol’ daughter Paloma and I have a new son Ralphi he’s a year and a half, and in ’89 I joined the ska band Horny Toad and we still play. We had an album out in ’96 with a song called “Shiver”, a song about snowboarding that did quite well and we toured the states and Europe.

Are you still living in Venice today?

Yes, I’m still in Venice.

Cool! What new bands do you enjoy?

No new bands, just Laker’s talk radio. (laughing). I’ve been outta the loop, but not my “hardcore writing”. (laughing)

Okay, Lou, before I let you go, you got anything else to say?

Just lookout for Luicidal in 2013. I hope I don’t jinx my self. (laughing)

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